Saturday, December 29, 2012

Greetings to all. We had a nice Christmas, Barb and family came Saturday morning and left Christmas night. The boys are such a joy, we really enjoyed them. Jerry spent a lot of time holding Preston. We got an ice storm Thursday night and lost power around midnight,Jerry had to go to work so we had no heat all day. We had to go buy a kerosene heater that night and got electric around 7 that night. More freezing rain and a little snow over night. Today is 35 so some of the ice on the trees and power lines have melted but the wind has picked up and will blow through Monday. I'm prepared this time if the power goes out, we have water in buckets and drinking water put up just in case. The locals say they get a lot of ice here on the hill and every winter the power goes out. The past month has been really hard, miss home so badly, we haven't been to church in a few weeks, don't want to go. Not going tomorrow, Terri and i have been sick since Christmas, Terri has had a fever, sore throat and sinus headache. Me just a sinus headache and slight sore throat. Eating garlic and lots of vit.c. Hoping to spend a week in NY sometime in January, weather permitting. Barb gave me a book called Bringing out the best in your husband By H. Norman Wright. Very very good,it has shown me that i have gotten bitter at Jerry at times for taking me away from NY and have not been very encouraging to him of late. Yes repent again.I get so into how i feel that i forget that Jerry is also feeling pretty bad, He knows we are having a hard time here with no friends and no church. People in the church have a life and it doesn't include outsiders. Instead of keep trying i have just given up. And without saying a word my husband knows it. So if i can get back to encouraging him and building him up that is what i will focus on. I don't like to be negative so i won't be writing for a while. I do hope you all are doing well. God Bless.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good morning! Had a Very special visit from the Pratt family, oh how i just love that family! Cried when they left this morning. It was such a sweet time of fellowship, Tom, Melanie and i talked most of the morning on Wednesday and Melanie and i talked the rest of the day. My heart would just love to be part of the Maine fellowship again. I so miss being one in mind and heart with God's people. I have never had company back in NY and since being here we have had 2 groups and i have to say i have enjoyed cleaning and cooking and all the preparations that go with it. I was always a little well scared of hospitality and with Jerry not wanting company i was only able to have it a few times. So this was wonderful. Thank you Tom and Melanie for taking time from your vacation to come spend time with us, you have truly blessed us. Terri and i are all stirred up to some how get a cheap car so we can get many cleaning jobs so we can try to make it back to Maine. Their is so much opportunity here for cleaning, we wouldn't have to go off our mountain. Thanksgiving was good,i miss family on the holidays. Hoping to go to Barb's for Christmas. Well busy day ahead so have a great day! In Christ, Holley

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiness, what is it? How do we get it? God has been impressing this on my heart the last while. I question why i am here, this state, this house,and this church. He could have put us anywhere,so here we are. I have been criticizing this church and had to repent of it, it is God's church. They call themselves the holiness church and although i don't agree with some things i do agree they strive for the same thing i do, to be on the narrow road and follow Jesus in truth. We had 5 days of revival meetings, an elderly man of oh lets say somewhere in his 80's spoke. Very very good. One night he spoke on being ready for heaven, will we pass the final inspection? Will he say well done good and faithful servant? Ever since i started going to Grace i purposed to live my life maybe out of fear, that Jesus would say to me well done my good and faithful servant. As i look around at Christians i see a deadness, i see a ho-hum carelessness about their relationship with Christ. It makes me want more, i know God has so much more for me than what i am experiencing today, and i want it! Not sure how to get it except doing away with things that do not please him and being in the word so much more. I get drawn in to the radio where most speakers have a world view, although I know the difference i'm not sure God wants me to listen to some.I just love to listen to preaching that i get it where i can. God has blessed me in that he pricks my heart when something is said contrary to his word. I do have a few web sites that i am starting to listen to instead of radio. I get a lot out of Alister Begg and Nancy Lee Demoss. I have so much time on my hands that i need to fill it and i want to fill it with Christ. After lunch yesterday i went to Carol's house where everyone from church had gathered for lunch. I went for fellowship, BORING! They sat around talking small talk, i was hoping for some spiritual conversation, none. Sure different from Maine and NY church. Oh how i miss both, you just don't know how some days my heart just aches for you all. If i don't keep my focus on Christ i fall in such a pit of depression. If you never experienced it, it is awful.The other day i was telling Jerry about what my Christian friends were saying on facebook about the election, he got mad and said that's why i don't want anything to do with religion, i thought Christians are suppose to trust this God of theirs to work even in government. He said a few other things and i tried to say then you will end up in hell and he said don't turn it back to me. As i held back tears going up stairs my thoughts went to Saul on his way to Damascus, he had no intentions of serving God but look what God did. I got on my knees beside my bed and let the tears flow in confidence that no matter how hard Jerry fights against the spirit, God can and will save him. Hallelujah! Well Terri will be coming home on the 20th. We were told of an airline where the rates are cheap. She could have flown on the 27th for $54.oo on a 2 hour flight from FL straight to Roanoke. Her flight is still cheaper than what we were finding. I need to check and see where else they fly to. Well i hope you all have a wonderful day, and please keep us in your prayers.

Monday, October 22, 2012

We have a blast watching the deer every night on our back lawn. Our cat loves to sneak up on them, too funny!!
Sunday meal was huge, i feel like i have been getting snacks up to yesterday. I'm talking spiritually. We found out you can call a number and listen to Grace Christian Fellowship in Bainbridge so Terri and i had no local church and decided we would listen. Well they had a speaker, Roy Daniels, i believe he is Kieth Daniels son and wow was he good. Grace has a web site that you can get on and listen to messages from the church and i recommend doing it as a family to listen to Roy, he spoke the 19th - 21st. We are going to listen to the rest of his preaching later today. I will listen to Sundays message again and take notes. Oh the web site is I will now be tempted to stay home on Sundays to listen to Grace. I am having a hard time reaching out to the people here when they don't reach back, it's like they don't want friends, even Cheryl, i asked her over last week and didn't hear from her. I think they can feel us pulling back, the pastor will now be preaching Sunday nights and he thinks we should be there. They had meetings 1 1/2 hours away at another sister church over the weekend and thought we should be there all day Sunday when Terri and Jerry just got home from their trips. It's hard, the last set of meetings one speaker played on your emotions by telling sad stories, i don't like that that, it's emotion not the spirit. So i continue to pray and ask the lord what i am suppose to do here, how am i to be used, i don't know anymore what to do. I have heard things like if you have a tv your going to hell, children saying your not a christian if you wear pants. I know any time you get a special speaker he is part of the Wesleyan church. On another note, My friend who is not saved back in Bainbridge had found she has uterine and cervical cancer, i don't know how progressed it is but i think it's pretty bad.We have known each other many years, and Jerry has known her husband since teenagers. Several years ago we got together and i witnessed to her,but she still has not make the choice for Jesus. Please pray for her salvation, i let her know if she needs to talk i am here. Every day is a blessing from the Lord,are we striving upward, are we looking to him everyday to change those things in us that need changing? That don't please him. Are we teaching our children to treat others the way we want to be treated, do we put others first or do we want to be first? Our Children will be the future church. God give us as parents wisdom in training our young. May we be that person that pleases God for nothing else matters. God Bless your day! My love, Holley

Friday, October 19, 2012

Well my Terri is home safe and sound. She enjoyed seeing all you Mainers,and is ready to move back. She spent some time with my mom which was a challenge. My mom won't take her antidepressant pill and so she is a mess. She doesn't shower, she is eating unhealthy food and not cleaning her apartment. I have 1 cleaning job here and i have decided to pay someone to clean her place once a month. I spent Thursday night a lone, Jerry went to Michigan Thursday morning at 4am and won't be back till Saturday afternoon sometime. His company sends the drivers out to what is called a skid pad, where they drive a tractor trailer down a run way and they use a computer to lock up the brakes and through them into a skid to train them how to handle it. Jerry should do really good, several times he has skid out of control on snow and ice so he knows how it's done. I had prayed God would have a divine appointment with him. He said the man that rode out with him is a church goer, not a christian but a church goer, he knows the difference. This week we are going to try to make sauerkraut and make our own apple cider seeing the price had jumped in NY and they didn't have any at Frog pond in NY, i guess the apple crop in NY was not good this year. Monday we will find out what day we need to take Terri to Barb's, she is thinking on the 6th of Nov. She will stay for 3 weeks to a month. The leaves are beautiful here, Terri and i have been wanting to hike a trail that is 3 miles up to the top of one of the mountains that overlooks the Roanoke valley, hopefully we can get it done next weekend. My love to all, Holley

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just woke from a nightmare, i wrestled with evil spirits, Pleading in Jesus name. They are real and it just gave me insight into what is going on here in my home. I WILL NEVER QUIT CRYING OUT FOR JERRY and the devil WILL NOT GET THE VICTORY! Please pray! Please pray!
We are heading out tonight to take Terri to NY. She is visiting Maine with a friend,sniffle, sniffle, wish it was me going, miss you all so very much. We will leave at 11:30 tonight and plan on coming right back, Jerry has to get up for work Friday morning at 1:45. Wish i could visit, i haven't even seen my mom's new place. When she gets back she will be staying with my mom till Friday then coming home on the 20th. She will once again leave once we find out Barb's c-section date. Jerry will have to take a 4 day weekend in order to take her to Florida. It sure is going to be quiet around here but i guess i had better get used to it. I might have to learn how to nit, yuck, i would rather milk a cow. Last Saturday i said to Jerry that the house seemed cozy and peaceful for some reason, i didn't realize it but he hadn't turned the tv on. Thursday and Friday he sat after work and looked through one of his woodworking magazine's not turning on the tv for a couple of hours, puts a whole different mood in the home. I do pray one of the first things he does when he gets saved is get rid of that thing. Those of you who had one in the past know exactly what i mean. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Had a very nice day, we finally went to the Amherst church. Betty Bylers niece was there, dating a young man from the church. We seen 2 young ladies that used to attend Grace many years ago, Julia and Suzy Coleman. They live in OH and were just visiting. It was neat listening to her and Terri talk about things they did when they were young. It also broke the ice, at least we knew people there. We sat next to Brenda.... not Shrock but she is a cousin to you ladies in Maine. Very sweet. Their is something about being with people that have the love of Jesus and seeing the preacher shed tears when he preaches. 3 sisters came to meet us but maybe when we visit once a month they will reach out more. Their is one young lady Terri's age who she wasn't there, Dianne Horner, her family attended Grace for a time some years back.I also rode to NY with her and his sister. Her sister sat and ate with us and gave us company at the fellowship meal today. Very nice girl.It took us 2 hours to get to Amherst, Jerry said it would be fine if we wanted to go once a month... well... yes.. I really loved the songs we sang, miss those tunes. I can't tell you how lost or out of place i feel with out a like minded church, i still feel God is using us here but i need a time of oneness with God's people. And the simplicity of the church. Well i will keep my focus upward and not outward and do and be what God wants me to be, weather or not i understand why i'm here in this place. Please continue to pray for us and specially Jerry. All my love, Holley

Monday, October 1, 2012

Please Please Pray for Jerry, we can not carry this burden alone, If you would be willing to also fast i would appreciate it as well. One minute he is sweet and loving, the next he is angry and full of hate. He will say something to me and later will deny saying it as if i made it up. He has accused us of hiding things from him and sneaking behind his back. He is in such turmoil. We need to pray him through. Thank you! My love, Holley.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Had a wonderful 4 days! My sister Sherry surprised me on Sunday, her mother in-law and her sister in-law drove her down. I grew up with her in-laws, we used to go to their house every weekend and us kids would play kick the can till late in the night. Her sister in-law never married and takes care of her mother. They spoiled us, they gave us a $50.00 gift card to Panera Bread and a $25.00 card to our favorite Yogurt shop. They left a card saying their is a gift coming in the mail. Cindy, the sister in-law, told us about gluten free bisquick then bought Terri 6 boxes which cost 4.99 each, that was so sweet of her. We had so much fun, i haven't laughed that hard in a while. We ate way to much. We talked about a road trip together, maybe Florida. Today back to our routine. The weather is getting cooler, not looking forward to winter but i guess i can't stop it from coming. I do like the cooler days for making soup. Hope everyone is well. My love, Holley.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Thursday morning to all. We have been busy canning tomatoes and applesauce. We have been blessed with good prices on tomatoes, at first it was going to be $12 a half bushel for seconds, we have paid $10, $8 and $7.50 for good tomatoes. We picked a half bushel off our apple tree, a little tart so i have not decided what i am going to do with them yet. We have been enjoying our deer, Jerry has the fawns coming to feed on apples about 4 feet from him. We are planning on hunting this year to fill our freezer. About a month or so ago we seen a large bear cross our field and i guess he's back, the neighbor's have seen a 600 pound bear. We always know he's around because we don't see any deer. I would think he could take down a fawn. Jerry has been just aching to get back to Maine. We have decided to take 2-3 years to get things in order before trying Maine again, and that brings me to my prayer request. Jerry may have a chance to bring his truck home and have a dedicated run but we would have to move an hour and a half more north, which would be a good thing. It would be near Stuarts Draft just off 81. He would still be at the same company. We are really excited because we would have a choice of churches and would also be able to go to the Amherst church. Terri and i would have the car so we could get work, for me just a few cleaning jobs. Plus we would be able to buy a house which would be about $300 cheaper than what we are paying in rent. It would give us more opportunities to meet people and friends. Jerry and i are going to go to the Bank to get pre-approved so when the right property comes up, we can jump on it.Please pray that God would clearly show us what we are to do, i see nothing negative about this move but i want what God wants for us as a family. Here on the hill Terri and i feel so secluded, and another vehicle would just cost us more money. Another plus of moving is that instead of getting up at 1:45 every morning to see Jerry off to work, he would be able to get up at 4:30 for work. I don't sleep well any way and it seems about the time i get to sleep the alarm goes off, then i have trouble getting back to sleep after he leaves. We have found a few houses that we can afford there with everything we need, like a work shop for Jerry and room for a few beef and chickens. Also he might be able to use his company's box truck to move us, just pay for fuel. My mom is finally moved in an apartment in Walton and was cleared by my brother to drive again. She has a lot of adjusting to do but seems to be doing well, she has lost the use of her thumb, but seems to be getting along fine. Well Terri and i are late for our morning walk then more tomatoes to do. Have a wonderful and blessed day! PS. still waiting on some BABY reports.....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

This week has been one of those weeks that my heart is so longing for Christian Heart to heart friendship. I am so unbelievable lonely i can't get through the day without sobbing. I know God has a purpose in all this but i can't see clearly. Last Monday i went to see the land lord about my brother still coming up with his golf cart, Jerry has been stressed coming home from Florida and seeing his tracks in our driveway and talked about beating my brother up. I've been waiting for Jerry to swell from the stress. The land lord was sweet and did put a stop to my brother but boy it has caused me deep pain in my heart. Today while at church Jerry was in the basement and heard our water pump keep coming on when no one was using water. So he shut the pump off for an hour and a half to see if the land lord would come due to the tenants at the bottom of the driveway having no water. Yup,he came, and just as Jerry thought we have been paying for the other tenants water pump, the land lord was really embarrassed that we caught this, so we will be repaid. I really thought he was an honest man. He is putting in a new well for the other apartments and a new driveway for us within the month, he also said he is planning on selling the house we are in to us this next summer. We are not going to buy it as we want to move back to Maine at some point, Lord willing. I am just ready to be home where ever that is. I am getting to old for all this moving. Please please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you, all my love, Holley

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time in Florida

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ever look at the life of a woman and think, i want to be like her some day? Well i have 2 that i would like to be like, they both respond in such a Christ like attitude. In my last writings i spoke of my brother. Well the last 2 weeks he has decided not to listen to our land lord, he was told not to be coming up on our property that we rent. He has been riding his golf cart up and riding around the field. One day i boiled, we love the peace and quiet here and for him to just disregard our wishes and the land lords request just made me mad. My husband said, just let him go and when he comes up just go in the house. Because of my attitude... Jerry decided to make sharp sticks to place in the ground so when he drives over them it will pop a tire.. or two. I was smitten. I then repented and asked God to convict Jerry. That night he put the sticks in place, the next morning i got up a little later than Jer, he told me he went out and picked up the sticks. He said we can't stoop down to their level, makes us no better than them. God is so good! Oh to be like thee! I was thinking about an incident at a sisters meeting some years ago when a sister came against Martha Cherry. Martha was so incredible sweet and replied in such a Godly spirit, that amazed me. This morning I again asked my Jesus to change my heart, their is something in it that needs to come out and be disposed of. Please pray for me, i want to be like Martha and the 2 other sisters that when someone comes against me that my response is Christ like. This will be an on going thing with my brother so please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today another driver came to Jerry and told him my brother stood up in a meeting with about 9 people present and announced him and his wife are ministers. His wife is full time because she has more time and my brother was part time.They don't even go to church and their is no fruit and lots of anger in them both. I question if they are even saved. We were floored, my brother wont speak to us because we heard someone out back of our house a few weeks ago shooting a gun and bullets ricocheted off our house and when him and his wife came out Jerry was holding his gun ready to shoot. Jerry was so angry, afraid for his family, that he had words with my brother, now we drive past them and they won't even look at us. I emailed my sister in law to let her know i am not mad at them and she said it was between my brother and us yet she wont speak to us. Jerry asked the other driver if he knew the bible and said that he (Jerry) didn't but what his wife has told him (me) that women are not to be preachers, and that my brother doesn't go to church. WOW! I can not believe how people can be totally blind, it's no wonder why people don't want anything to do with Christians or Christ. This has just broke my heart, for someone to misrepresent my Jesus and to know that they will go to hell unless they repent. And my brother thinks i'm wrong for being under my unsaved husbands authority. May God have mercy! May each one of us "Christians" walk that road that will be an example of Christ to this hurting and confused world. We will be leaving on July 19th for Norm and Barb's for 3 days. I can not wait! Trenton is growing so fast,he is now singing and say's every word that you say. I talked to him last week and he would not say Grandma... just Grandpa... Jerry said that's because he had long talks on their walks when he was here. Our garden is doing very well, i will have plenty of beans to can and squash to give away. Plenty of potatoes and cucumbers. We have 10 quarts of blackberries frozen and will enjoy blackberry dumplings for desert tonight. God has been so good to us! The weather has cooled, today is 75 but will be back in the 90's by next week. I have to say, i love the heat. Enjoy the day! My Love, Holley

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yesterday was a good day, Jerry was back to his loving and cheerful self. I were so very thankful, the Lord knew we could not take much more. I'm thankful for the break but pray for more conviction. I would rather have it hard and know what it will produce than have it easy. Sunday we went to a new church, a holiness church. Our pastor and 2 other families are at camp meetings in PA. The people there were very friendly, and the preaching was good. I can't get used to Christians being patriotic. They said the pledge of allegiance, of course i did not. Our church recently put up an american flag and a Christian flag. I believe my allegiance is to Christ. Reading the word this morning i get a burden for Christians. The word is clear on not seeking the things of this world and if he does so, there is a great deal to prevent him from remaining unspotted and without wrinkle. I see so many Christians not taking scripture as truth and walking in it. Oh how i want to be unspotted from this wicked world, and live a life filled with Christ. Sunday i just longed for a life of being surounded by Christian friends and being able to have people over and do things with other Christians, i mean Jerry and I. I pray God will give us several years to live as a Christian couple, i long for that day. I love Christian conversation, to just sit and learn and discuss the word of God. Some times i get so hungry i almost can't take it. Please pray for a very dear friend of mine who is battling breast cancer. Her name is Donna, she came from the same Baptist church i did and came to Grace Christian fellowship in Bainbridge shortly after i did. Please keep praying, love and miss you all so very much!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thanks to all of you that are praying for Jerry. It has been a really hard month, Jerry has been miserable, Terri and i can't seem to do anything right. He seems to be so angry to everyone then the next day sweet. He has made comments about my submission, and seems to challenge me on it as if to see how far he can take it. Sometimes i don't respond like i should. He has been drinking more and can't seem to go without it. He is still not smoking but has nicotine pouches he puts in his mouth, and puts one in the minute he gets out of bed till the time he goes to bed. We have had talks about churches not accepting people, he says like the old days, anyone could walk through the door and be welcomed. I do know he is under conviction. Today we sold our camper, we put it online last week and got a call last night. It happened to be a home school couple that have 4 children ages 13-22. She told me since moving to VA 3 years ago they have no friends. She is a christian, dresses modestly and has a daughter that covers and makes all of her clothing. They have home church but are now attending a Baptist church where the people are not friendly. She said she is lonely. My heart just went out to her because i am in the same situation. She also feels God has their family there for a reason. This past week i found out that the 2 brothers that attend my church don't get along and their wives don't either. Wow what a challenge to love. Not sure why God brought this family in our life but time will tell. We also had high winds last night and had a family from church sleep in our camper and they have been here most of the day. Looks like it will be several days before their power is on. We may get more storms the next couple of days. Keep Praying and God Bless!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Living here is such a delight. I love love love nature! Last night we sat on the porch and first heard a fox barking just inside the wood line next an owl hooting then a fight broke out between i believe a couple of coons. We have seen one set of twin fawns and two separate fawns.The birds here are amazing, they sing from sunup to sunset. Had to save a baby bunny from my cat, it was hurt to badly so it died, cat was pretty upset with me. I am just so blessed! We have been babysitting little Katie and will have her twice this week. She is a sweet girl. We cleaned our first house last week and it may turn into twice a month. We are praying for another car so Terri could get a few more cleaning jobs. Preaching at church has been very good, the pastor has been speaking on Godly homes and men being the spiritual leaders in it. He is getting much bolder and speaking what is on his heart. Two of the men still sleep through the sermen. We have no church this next Sunday due to camp meetings in PA so Terri and i decided to visit a Mennonite church close by. Esther King knows a young lady who is now married that goes there. Our garden is doing great! We have ate radishes, cabbage, scallions and a few very small tomatoes. We will be canning beans in a few weeks, we have 4 rows, thought we would can enough for 2 years. I found a German Baptist home where we bought raw honey for 12.00 a quart and just down the road their is a small veg stand and they have a field of tomato plants so we will see if i can buy their seconds at a reasonable price for canning. Lots and lots of blackberry's and raspberry's here. Last year we were picking the raspberry's first around the middle of July but this year the blackberry's came on first. Our apple tree has red apples already and are dropping to the ground already, strange. Jerry has been very grumpy the last few weeks,hoping it is conviction, but it sure does try oneself. Keeping my eyes on the Lord, he is my strength and shield! Got quite the chuckle this morning, the Pastor went out to his vehicle and came back in and said to me, your car is running. I jumped up and sure enough I had forgotten to shut it off. When it runs off the battery you can't hear it running and if you don't take the keys out of the vehicle it continues to run. Yup that was about the 4th time this has happened. He only heard it because the fan kicked on. I do hope your summer is going well. I sure do miss my dear friends in NY and ME. My Love to all. Holley

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good morning! Norm, Barb and Trent left this morning headed to Florida. God opened a door for a job working for Choice Books which is a Christian company.I am very excited for them. My mom is going into an assisted living place because she is not ready to leave the rehab but needs to. I will be going to NY to help her transition and to start packing her apartment this weekend. I talked with her this morning and she said she wouldn't have to be in this place if i would just come take care of her. I do hope God would change Jerry's heart so i could, but i guess if it was God's will it would happen. We have had some good conversations this last 2 weeks. I made the statement that their is no perfect church and Jerry says people should't be looking for the perfect church but the imperfect church in order to be a testimony. He says like Terri and i. He says no church is perfect. God is at work. So exciting to see as i pray for godly wisdom for Jerry he comes up with spiritual things and has no idea where he learned it. I love it! Thursday night i stood at prayer meeting just burdened about Christians not being hot after God after once being hot. I know i am dry at times but God always brings me back. Well one of the men thought on this all week and as our pastor was away on Sunday he spoke on the subject. One thing that stuck out to me was he said we should examine ourselves before God. And the things of this life take us away from God. What things do we allow that desensitize us. Where i'm going here is movies. Hey i love a good clean movie just like the next guy but do we little by little watch some that oh have a little bad language or sin is made to be funny or just excepted? I know to many Christians that except this and it scares me to how it desensitizes them and their children to where they watch things that are contrary to Christ. Where is it leading? To Christ? The devil is out as a roaring lion wanting to devour US. When does spiritual blindness set in. You all know i have a tv and i would love nothing more than to smash it, but because of my husband i can't. That thing can draw me in all to quick, and it's pure garbage. Im sure we all know at least one Christian who is into things that have or is drawing them away from God. Warn them, Please!I am so burdened, I feel God separating the sheep from the goats and it scares me. God is doing a work in me in many areas and it is hard for me because i feel like i'm becoming a fanatic and i just want to start shaking people to wake up! Not saying a fanatic is bad, but people do tend to look at you funny. I weep for Jerry and my family. I want to hear at the end, well done my good and faithful servant. I need to have grace for others it's not that i judge people it's more of an urgency to get right and be on your guard lest you fall. I want to be a cheer leader cheering each one on in this race. Then i get tested, the one lady that i have become friends with here,Cheryl, tells me yesterday that she was married before. WOW. I told her i don't believe in divorce and remarriage but i also don't judge her and never will. This is such a hard subject that i avoid it at all cost but the Lord keeps bringing it around for some reason. I love that lady and enjoy our spiritual talks. Is she clear before God? She says she is, who am i to say different. I sit here giggling to myself as i reread what i wrote, i'm beginning to feel sorry for those who read this. I love each one of you and long for the day when i can sit and visit each one, you are all so unique yet we have that beautiful oneness in Christ. God has blessed me so richly with so many awesome Christian friends. Please feel free to email me with insight to things i have written or to tell me what God is doing in each of your hearts. Thanks Janet! I can't wait to see all the new babies when they come. God bless your day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good morning! We are having a blessed time with Barb and her family. Little Trent is so much fun and smart. Barb taught him sign language so he can sign please, more, all done, thank you and love you. They ask him if he loves Jesus and he will clap, when asked if he likes the devil he shakes his head no, so cute! I went to take him outside this morning and he repeated outside. We do kissing noises to call the cat, now every time he sees the cat he does that sound. He also gives Grandma kisses. It has just been a sweet time. We are also getting to know Norm. Sweet long over due talks with Barb, boy i miss that lady, i am so very thankful they will be only 9-10 hours away from us. A man from our church offered him a job, part time being a carpenters helper, they are swamped with work. If a job does not open up in Florida, they will stay here a couple more weeks and he will work here. The job in Florida fell through but his brother is trying to get Norm another job. At least they left Montana, their seems to be a lot more work down this way. This weekend we are going to visit a zoo and a working water mill, something different to do. We have been playing Jarts, crocet and board games. Enjoying the deer and oh yeah, Norm got to see a bear in our field. For those of you who may not know, a 3rd brother of mine has had a heart attack about 3 weeks ago. Age 55. He was home alone in the morning and actually pasted out and came to and was able to call 911. They put a stent in and praise to God he has no other damage. He has had a lot of stress since he has had to fill in with my mom. He is now exercising and eating better. He is thinking about retiring, his plan was to retire at age 55 and run his icecream store with his wife but things didn't work out the way he planned but he is thinking more on the retiring thing. This is the brother i witnessed to when i was visiting my mom in Nov. His mother in-law died 3 days after his heart attack, so i have been really praying for them. I need to get more strict on my eating and walking seeing heart issues run in my family, I want to do it now and not when something happens. We have had some good conversations with Jerry, please keep praying! Well my love to all, hope everyone has a good weekend coming up!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

My weekend was awesome! I met new friends, sisters that had recently left the Amish, and seen old friends. Michele Gregory made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt, had sweet prayer with dear Betty Byler and Michele. The teaching was life changing. I wept this morning with such a burden for God's people,i have such a desire to be Christ like that He would shine through me. The cry in my heart for God's people to wake up and get on that narrow road. I see youth wearing makeup and cloths getting tight. What is going on that Christian parents are allowing this and what is going on in the homes that our youth are being drawn to outward adorning? This is where i and many others have come out of and we know the dangers. In my church here the fathers don't take leadership, i mean Godly leadership of the family. They have taken on things handed down from parents that yes are right but they have no clue why they believe what they do. With the exception of my pastor the men here don't have family devotions and don't pray with their wife. How can one walk through life not knowing why they do what they do. I want scripture to back up what i stand for, other wise it's meaningless. I think God is grieved by the lives of his children. I think we open the door to the devil when we allow our children to go where the world goes and do what they do. Please don't think i at all think i have it all together because i don't, i do praise God for giving me a heart after him and the desire to live for him. He calls us to be holy as he is holy. This week end Sam Byler spoke on so many denominations yet they can't worship together. He said the love of Jesus should unite us! That has been so real to me here, I go to a Methodist church. If you told me 5 years ago i would be going here i would have said your crazy. Are they not brothers and sisters in Christ? It's real to me how large the church is and to turn our noses up at other Christians because they don't have the same convictions as us is sin. I am accountable for Holley Pinney and when i stand before the Lord i will not have my pastor or any other Christian there. So for me to not fellowship with someone because they are in a different place than me is wrong. I am so full this day. My unsaved husband has seen this many years ago and told me we are not meant to be cookie cutter Christian. It's CHRIST! Everything we do needs to be for him and not man and i feel very strong on this. I am so excited to be home and pour myself into God's church. Please pray for me, sometimes i can be so passionate about something and just give it to you, i want Christ to give it to you not Holley. Please pray for our little church here that men would rise up and take their place, that sinners would be drawn to Christ through us. I have so much more on my heart today but i think i probable said enough, if i stepped on anyone's toes.. Good! I want to encourage all who read this to a deeper commitment to Christ! May you be drawn to a deeper walk with our Savior. Love to all in Christ, Holley

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good steamy morning! Not complaining, i love warm weather.The birds are singing up a storm. 90's today with storms later. Mom's surgery went well, they put a metal plate and screws in her wrist that will stay in for good. Talked to her this morning and of course she acts like she is not doing well but when my sister got there she was laughing at how big her cast is. She still tries to give me a guilt trip, some times it works. Hope everyone has a good day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A good day to everyone! Janet so blessed by your comment, i am so thankful that i am not forgotten by you all. We are having very warm weather this week, it will hit 90 a few days. I am thankful that their always seems to be a breeze here on the mountain. We had weekend meetings 2 weeks ago and found so many using the word sanctified, on the last night a man preached, whom i met the day before and he could not look me in the eye, he said he was sanctified and we could not get into heaven unless we are. Well this and a few other comments did not set well with Terri and i.I had decided before going home that i should do as the bible says and ask my husband. So i asked Jerry what he thought of the word sanctified, He said he thinks it has something to do with salvation but i should call my friend Donna. Mean while the next day he thought about it all day. Jerry is a deep thinker and maybe he couldn't give me the answer, he sure did try to figure it out. Donna of course told me just what i thought about it. Jerry said the next day, after telling him what the bible said as i did a study on it, That isn't their one that is perfect... so how can you be perfect... Grin grin. God is Good! I am so blessed how he witness to my heart when something does not sound right. I found my pastor also did not agree with this man but did not address it because this man is high in rank in the "church". This weekend i will catch a ride with some folks from NC to go to meetings in PA. I am looking forward to being with like minded people and praying God would do a work in my heart. Today my mom goes in to have screws put in her wrist, she fell almost 3 weeks ago and broke her wrist and it started to heal so they need to operate. Why people don't stand up to doctors and demand something be done sooner, my mom is 77 years old and is now unable to walk by herself because she's been in bed so long. She will go to a nursing home for rehab. I hope to be able to visit her in a few weeks. My daughter Barb and her husband will be moving out of MT on Monday, they will go to Indiana for a month or 2 then they will be living in Florida. Norm has had very little work in MT and was offered a job by his brother in FL. They had prayed very hard for this and God opened the door. We will be about 10 hours from them and we are soooooo excited. Barb is also pregnant, due in Nov. I have made a friend in the church here. Her name is Cheryl and she is my age with one child. She had to have surgery on her shoulder so i have been visiting her and we just hit it off. We have talked about the bible a lot, she has so many questions and wants to learn. I pray before going as i don't want to say the wrong thing, I love to see someone who wants to grow in the Lord. Hope everyone is well, hope all you mothers to be are doing well. God Bless. Holley

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Sunday morning to all! I have to tell what happened last week, Monday i noticed that Jerry was out of tobacco so i reminded him he needed to pick some up after work. On Friday we went shopping and usually he will light up a cigarette every time we get to a store, well i noticed he didn't and thought wow that's good. Saturday morning he had the day off and we were up early and i said whats wrong with you, you usually get a cup of coffee and head outside for a cigarette. He says, honey, i haven't had a cigarette since Monday, I said, WOW! But not so as i would sound excited or anything. You know me, some times you need to hit me over the head before i notice things, like him not smelling like smoke... I told him i was proud of him, and he wasn't even grumpy. I had decided years ago that i would except him just the way he was, bad habits and all, and just pray for God to do the work not Holley. PRAISE THE LORD! HE is doing a mighty work in Jerry! Please keep those prayers coming saints, for he is faithful who promises. And thank you to those who are keeping Jerry is your prayers. God bless your day!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Terri and i are taking on doing respite care for a couple at church who have a foster child that they have had since she was 2 years old and is now 4. As a baby she was left in her crib and had very little contact until her Grandparents took her. Her grandfather tried to drown her and they abused her. Her name is Katie. I have visited her home a couple of times and offered our help. Their is a lot of demonic things going on with Katie, she hallucinate, and tries to hurt herself. The parents from what i gather don't have any teaching on demonic spirits. They are in the process of adopting her. Terri and i will have to have a background check, which is no big deal. We went over to help Robin do some cleaning last night, well i cleaned and Terri played, Terri got quiet the work out. Her parents have been asking the welfare people for someone to give them relief and it was put off for a year, and believe me they need a break. On a bad day Katie will scream for up to 8 hours, it's hard for them. They are afraid to discipline her so their is no consequence for her actions. Please pray for us that we would have wisdom, please for for Katie that God would heal her. On Tuesday Jerry had a co-worker tell him that he liked the way his wife dresses. He then asked if it was for religious purposes. This man is a Christian, i had met him in Lowe's a few weeks ago. I just have to wonder what goes through Jerry's mind. I am really hoping that we would be invited to this mans house, he and his wife farm and can most of their food. He is a sweet man, i know Jerry likes him. I tell you he is going to get saved, one day that call will come with the news. Keep the prayers coming for one day they WILL be answered. My love to all, have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A good morning to all! I always want to update but can never come up with enough to write, but i'll give it my best shot. I am feeling better, found i have candida and am taking coq10 for my heart and has made things regular so far. I am loving this weather,I have my morning coffee on the porch, just love all the birds. At night we sleep with our window open and listen to the peepers. We have seem a bear with 2 cubs once, one lonely turkey looking for a mate and waiting for our deer to have fawns.This place is truly a blessing, we are praying that the landlord would sell to us. We found some green houses just up the road from us that have really nice plants at good prices. We bought tomato, cabbage and broccoli. Will go back in 2 weeks for the rest, we are planting a lot of stuff. My sister and her husband will be visiting here in a couple of weeks and Norm and Barb will be in Indiana working soon, they will be 9 hours from us so we will be spending time there. Barb and Trenton hopefully will be coming to visit us here for a week. My mom also wants to come for a visit. We have an old friend moving here from NY, he is in his 50's, his family lived beside our family when i was 12 years old and we were new to Bainbridge. They moved away but we always stayed in touch, His brother died then his mom and dad so he has only cousins and a few Aunts. He used to visit us when we lived in NY and spent a few holidays with us. He said he feels like we are family to him and decided to sell the family farm and move close to us. He lived in VA when he was young and always wanted to move back. We had our pastor and family over for lunch on Sunday, it went very well, Jerry likes them, even told me what to have to eat the next time they come. Shock, he usually backs out at the last minute so please keep praying, he is very open. I told him he would like his preaching, he didn't say anything.. which is good.They are very conservative, The men as well as the women wear long sleeves and the women don't wear sandals or flip flops. Hoping that won't be a problem, i love my flip flops. The ladies at church are coming around, i needed to fax something so i went to one ladies house who happens to be my age, and i stayed to visit and was very blessed. She opened her heart up to me and we found a connection. She too feels so grateful to the lord for what he has done for her. I have one more sister to go, to get her out of her shell. God is so good and i feel my heart overflow with thankfulness. Easter we will have communion at church, i asked the pastors wife if they do foot washing she said no but she has done it before. She said it might shock the people here to do it. I am so looking forward to the pastor moving closer, they are a sweet family. They will be moved up by June. WE also hope to get a week in Maine, we were going to go to MT but i'm afraid Jerry won't be able to get any extra time off to make the trip out, 2 1/2 days out and back won't give us any time to spend with them. Ha Ha, guess i found enough to write, i never did have a problem coming up with things to talk about. Oh, congrats to Joyce, Janet and Rhonda, on your pregnancies and Cathrine on your baby. Wish i was there! My love to all, may God meet all of your needs today! Holley

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello everyone! The weather here has been nice, we have gotten our deer fence up and we are ready to plant some garden this week. We figured we should be able to do 3 plantings of spinach and we plan on keeping our carrots in the ground for the winter. We are hoping the 4 foot fence will be enough to keep out the deer. We are very excited to be able to have a garden, the past 3 years we didn't plant much due to our house being up for sale. I do need to can in pints and try to sell some of my quarts.
I have been sick this last few weeks, i was in the emergency room a couple weeks ago with my heart doing funky things.Tests showed nothing but my white blood cell count was up. I have been so fatigued, just getting my breakfast would wipe me out.I also have other issues that they didn't address. Terri is now home so i have help. I am feeling better. I eat a lot of garlic and have cut out my sugar, seeing a doctor and praying he finds out whats going on. Also started COQ10. We are having our pastor over for dinner next Sunday, he was here to pick up a mattress and him and Jerry talked for an hour, Jerry really likes him and is looking forward to them coming. That's HUGE! We have settled in here quite well and looking forward to what the Lord has for us. He sure has been good to us. His will is all i want no matter what it is. He is my rock! Love to all! Holley

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend with friends!!! :)

Thanks Susan and Barb for coming to visit me! I had a blast...You girls are great! :)Love you.