Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good morning! We are having a blessed time with Barb and her family. Little Trent is so much fun and smart. Barb taught him sign language so he can sign please, more, all done, thank you and love you. They ask him if he loves Jesus and he will clap, when asked if he likes the devil he shakes his head no, so cute! I went to take him outside this morning and he repeated outside. We do kissing noises to call the cat, now every time he sees the cat he does that sound. He also gives Grandma kisses. It has just been a sweet time. We are also getting to know Norm. Sweet long over due talks with Barb, boy i miss that lady, i am so very thankful they will be only 9-10 hours away from us. A man from our church offered him a job, part time being a carpenters helper, they are swamped with work. If a job does not open up in Florida, they will stay here a couple more weeks and he will work here. The job in Florida fell through but his brother is trying to get Norm another job. At least they left Montana, their seems to be a lot more work down this way. This weekend we are going to visit a zoo and a working water mill, something different to do. We have been playing Jarts, crocet and board games. Enjoying the deer and oh yeah, Norm got to see a bear in our field. For those of you who may not know, a 3rd brother of mine has had a heart attack about 3 weeks ago. Age 55. He was home alone in the morning and actually pasted out and came to and was able to call 911. They put a stent in and praise to God he has no other damage. He has had a lot of stress since he has had to fill in with my mom. He is now exercising and eating better. He is thinking about retiring, his plan was to retire at age 55 and run his icecream store with his wife but things didn't work out the way he planned but he is thinking more on the retiring thing. This is the brother i witnessed to when i was visiting my mom in Nov. His mother in-law died 3 days after his heart attack, so i have been really praying for them. I need to get more strict on my eating and walking seeing heart issues run in my family, I want to do it now and not when something happens. We have had some good conversations with Jerry, please keep praying! Well my love to all, hope everyone has a good weekend coming up!

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