Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our days seem to pass rather quickly, we are ready for bed by 7. I hate to see how we will feel when we get cleaning jobs. I am feeling amazingly good, i am so thankful to the Lord for being able to catch the Lyme early. Terri and i have been walking since last week every morning and i am feeling good. We are still waiting for our pool man to get our pool cleaned up, he should be here today and i will need to speak with him about it. I had to call him last Friday to see if he was coming to vacumme the pool. He is from a local Mennonite church. It is really hot here, but it does seem to rain almost everyday, although it doesn't cool it off any. Sunday we had church at a park, for fathers day, late fathers day. It was very warm even being in the shade. The lady's here put on quite the spread, they did chicken and beef on the grill, pies, home made ice cream, rice and beans and all the fixings for tortia wraps. So far it doesn't feel like i am going to be close friends with anyone, they all kinda seem like they have their own thing going on, maybe i will be to busy to even try to get close. So any how, i guess that's how it goes sometimes. Well we are off to Barb's to visit, have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Good morning to all. It has been quiet the head spinning move. I found out last Friday that i have Lyme disease. I was put on strong antibiotics, the doctor said that should take care of it and that it was caught in the early stage. Of course i am doing a lot of other things to boost my immunity. Then i will need to cleanse from the antibiotics. Every day i seem to be a little better. All is going well, Jerry is still trying to get a driving job so we can buy a house, but he really would love to go on his own in odd jobs and carpentry, you can make some good money here. Terri and i ordered business cards for cleaning and will put them at the Amish store and post office, Barbie Fisher said people look there for Christian cleaners. She was hoping to get us to clean for her, she would like to get out of it, but we can make $10 more an hour getting our own jobs. We hope to get 6 jobs,Tuesday through Thursday. We go to Barb's every morning to visit, the boys are so sweet. We are ready for bed by 7, not used to being so busy that it will take a while to get used to it.It's amazing how quickly your world can change, i do miss the country but i think i have been so people deprived that i am liking the city. Terri is just blossoming, she just gets in the car and goes, she finds her way around better than Barb. She loves being able to just take off to Barb's any time. Jerry has a job power washing Barb's house on Saturday, It pays good. We are going to set up a game night at Barb's once a week. Today we are going through stuff to sell in Barb's lawn sale, i certainly have lots of stuff, after living without it for 3 years i don't need it now. My love to all, Holley

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good morning to all. We will be moving to Fl on Friday, God has opened all the doors. Jerry has a job and Terri and i have cleaning jobs once we get settled. It is so hard leaving this place, this morning i sat on the porch having my morning coffee and i see a big bear come out into the field and wonder around and across it. That was just what i needed one last time before i leave. A lady from the Mennonite church here offered to help us pack and load the truck, we wouldn't have needed the help except the man that was supposed to help us went on vacation. So I called Jen back and 2 men are coming to help load the truck Thursday night, i am very thankful. I have been so sick since coming home from FL Saturday night, i still have head and neck pain and chills and sweating. Today we have a lot of work to do and tomorrow morning Jerry will start packing the truck. We needed help with couches, beds and dressers so they will go in the middle of the truck and the boxes we will use go on last. It will be about a 15 hour trip or so, as long as i get feeling better and Terri doesn't get sick. We have lots of people from church to help us unload when we get there. The ladies are going to have our house cleaned so that is one less thing i have to worry about when getting there. We are going to clean here Thursday night, as we pack we wipe stuff down so it shouldn't be to bad. Please pray for us, i can't tell you how hard this move is AGAIN. My Mom is having a hard time with our move because it is so far away and she thinks she will never see me again, i hope to be able to have her down for the winter months, their enough people who fly to the area that we know that she could fly with. Some how my life needs to Glorify God through it all. Have a wonderful Day, In Christ, Holley