Friday, September 30, 2011

My brother Ken came yesterday and will leave Sunday. He and i have always been close so it has been nice. He went for an interview where Jerry works and i think he is hired so him and his wife are looking at moving here from SC sometime soon. He will have to stay with us for 3 weeks before moving. I am so very thankful for my life, the Lord has been so good to us. He enabled us to keep our credit in good standing and has blessed my marriage beyond what i could even amagine. I say this because my brother has the opposite. His wife keeps them in dept and she rules the rooste.And she professes to be a Christian.

Friday, September 23, 2011

It has been a challenge having my Mom here, their are things i see in her life that need to be addressed before taking her home, please pray for me. It has been so real to me that we need to walk so close to our Savior, the devil wants to draw us away from him, and uses anything to accomplish it. Do we put Jesus first in everything, do we pray before making decisions? To see someone who professes to be a christian watch tv programs that make jokes of sin and not hunger for truth,sad very sad. I have been so burdened this week, not understanding how a christian can live this life so careless. My biggest fear is i will get to heaven and Jesus will say i never knew you.
Went to prayer meeting for the first time last night, was good to get that mid week pick me up, the pastor talked to me about the reserch he did on women being teachers in the church,i got the feeling he has really been thinking hard on the issue. He said he wasn't trying to change my mind and i said oh don't worry i am strong on what i believe and am not perswaded easily. How someone can read, Women are not to teach or assurp authority over a man and come up with something different is beyond me. He said he likes us coming and thanked me for coming. I also thanked him for allowing us to come and keep our convictions. I can see i am giving him a challenge, a good thing.I pray God will use me for his glory here. I want my life to Glorify my Savior!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Went shopping yesterday and a man came up to the truck and interduced himself. He was born and raised in Waterville ME. He was so pleased to meet someone from ME. His Family is still there. He is a policeman here in Roanoke, said we will like living here, just need to get used to it. Very nice man, well young man. My brother found another apartment for my mom in Walton, we seen pictures of it and it was very bright,roomy and had a large porch for her to sit on. Also in a nice neighborhood.It's across the street from my nefew. Her apartment now smells moldy and is dark and small. It is going good, my mom is able to climb our stairs. Have a blessed Lord's day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My mom finely made it here. We are going to have a sweet time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Had a hour conversation with my pastor, i wanted to know about going to Sunday school when i believe that women should not teach men. He had a lot to say, one thing that he said is their is another scripture that pretty much says women can teach just not preach, just a little confusing. He said he would do a study on it. Please pray for me, my heart misses being with like minded people. He was nice about everything just came away a little fearful of not being strong and laying down convictions, thats not my heart or prayer. I told him i will not go back on what God has shown me and he encouraged me not to. Please also pray for Jerry, he is thinking about selling our truck to buy an older truck and a car that is good on gas. It would be a good thing and we also are going to try to sell our camper. This would help us financially and i could go to NY and ME on a little money. Thanks!
We had such a good time hiking yesterday. We were told of a nature conservatory 15 minutes away that had 3 trails to hike. A few years ago you could go to what they call Twins Falls but they closed it down due to to many people getting to close to the edge and getting killed. We hiked one trail that took us 2 hours. Next weekend we will try another trail. Found our grunt call so had a little fun trying to call buck in. Jerry called a few doe in this morning. The buck are real small here, Terri and i are going to try our luck at hunting this year, should be fun. Our trip to the wedding may still be on, I spoke to my brother and he said he would get mom here so we'll see. Mom's house didn't get water like i thought, it did reach the insulation which will have to be replaced. Mom had flood insurance.Have not been able to get anyone to see our car, Jerry will have to call and talk to Al to see what will happen next. Hoping his insurance will cover our loss, we took it off the road and dropped the insurance on it several months ago, who would have guessed it would flood again. My Pastor wants to meet Jerry so Jerry gave the ok to have his family for dinner on the 18 of this month, if they can come that day. Looking forward to church, the preaching is so good, he steps on a few toes with no apologizing for the truth. Have a blessed Sunday, miss all my dear friends!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountain..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today was the first time i drove just Terri and i across town, did good. Took Jerry to work at 5:30 this morning then back home, then off to the doctors at 9:00. After that we hit Bojangles, oh so yummy, not healthy just yummy.The biscuits are really really good. It's a fried chicken & biscuit place. Found our first Christian store,then off to the Dollar Store and food store. My friend Carol had surgery last week so i stopped in for a visit with some flowers, had a nice visit. Stopped to visit another lady from church, she was having a bad day on Sunday so i thought i would encourage her today. She wasn't home. Her and her husband used to live in upstate NY, they have a now 3 year old girl as a foster child, they have had her a year, she was abused very badly and is a challenge. Can't wait to get my car, so many people to encourage. The rain has stopped today, maybe a little this afternoon. Mom is not coming as of today, every time i deal with my family their is so much drama. Wedding? Not sure at this point, i will wait to see what happens next week before i call it quits. I wanted to also buy my tomatoes and apples in NY as they are much cheaper. God is still good and on the thrown! God bless you all and stay safe my NY friends!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday was good, the preaching is great, when i say great i mean it makes you look within yourself and examine where you are as compared to where you were. Am i closer to Jesus or have i made little choices that have slowly taken me farther away from where he wants me. I am very encouraged with the pastor. The second time i went to church i told him he needed to take the clock off the wall and just preach the whole message. Well Sunday he preached to 12:30 and around 12 says someone once told him to preach longer, well i could have climbed under the pew. He said after church, i hope i didn't embarressed you to much,but i did take your advice. I told him the people here may not want me here, 2 families were gone less than 5 minutes after church. I told the pastor i look forward to Church and getting fed, if the people can't stand an extra 1/2 hour of preaching something is wrong in their hearts. The younger women are not very friendly, they don't seem to like outsiders. And here comes Holley! Love it! If you don't have joy that infects others, you may want to examine yourself. I love my savior and i love to serve him, the Christian life is awesome! My Love to all my dear sweet friends!