Sunday, September 11, 2011

We had such a good time hiking yesterday. We were told of a nature conservatory 15 minutes away that had 3 trails to hike. A few years ago you could go to what they call Twins Falls but they closed it down due to to many people getting to close to the edge and getting killed. We hiked one trail that took us 2 hours. Next weekend we will try another trail. Found our grunt call so had a little fun trying to call buck in. Jerry called a few doe in this morning. The buck are real small here, Terri and i are going to try our luck at hunting this year, should be fun. Our trip to the wedding may still be on, I spoke to my brother and he said he would get mom here so we'll see. Mom's house didn't get water like i thought, it did reach the insulation which will have to be replaced. Mom had flood insurance.Have not been able to get anyone to see our car, Jerry will have to call and talk to Al to see what will happen next. Hoping his insurance will cover our loss, we took it off the road and dropped the insurance on it several months ago, who would have guessed it would flood again. My Pastor wants to meet Jerry so Jerry gave the ok to have his family for dinner on the 18 of this month, if they can come that day. Looking forward to church, the preaching is so good, he steps on a few toes with no apologizing for the truth. Have a blessed Sunday, miss all my dear friends!


Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know that your car is fine. Al and his wife were here at the stand the other day and they said they got all the cars out that were drivable. I believe it is parked at Megatouch.~Barbie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barbie!!! That is awesome news!! Holley