Monday, November 28, 2011

Last week Jerry comes home from work and has a gift for Terri and I, he said he drove all over down town to try and find a flower shop and could not find one so he stopped at a little shop. Said he wanted to give his girls flowers (including Barb) because he was listening to men on the radio complaining about their wives and children and that made him so thankful for us. Just when I think God is not working he shows me he is, not me but Jesus has done such a work in us. To him be the honor!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We left at 2:00 am Thanksgiving morning to go to NY to bring down a u-haul full of stuff and our car... finely. Jerry's mom gave us dressers, table, chairs and a hutch. She also gave us a patio set and much more. Jerry got some of his Grandfathers garage stuff. I was so blessed, many of the things we received we were going to buy at some point so it saved us a lot of money. We also helped her pack due to she sold her house and will be moving. We were also able to get our camper moved, Sam Byler took it to his house to store until we get a truck or sell it which ever comes first. For the first time as we were nearing Roanoke, i felt like we were coming home, i always miss NY and ME that i want to be somewhere else. Any one want to move to VA and start a church????? Just thought i'd ask. I think i would feel more at home here if we had a church, yes i do go to church, it's not the same as what i am used to. Jerry's mom also gave us a queen size bed so we gave our double to Terri. I am praying, very excited to see how God will work, about giving the single bed to someone who needs it. We will also give them sheets, mattress cover and a heated mattress pad. We are going to sell lots of things on Craigs list like the car and tread mill. We also forgot a mirror that goes to one of the dressers so we will have to make another trip to NY before Judy moves. I would like to go up on Jan.7 for my family get together. My love to all, Holley

Monday, November 7, 2011

I am longing for a sweet hug from my christian sisters, I need to be with people who i know love me and i them. Miss all you sisters so very much this last while. Please make sure you show love to others, it is so important that we Love as Christ love's.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Well my brother has arrived and is renting an apartment at the end of our driveway. So far it has been good,him and his wife walked up to see us last night, my sister in-law does not walk and is not an outside person, so it was a surprise. My brother has missed NY and the country and plans on spending lots of time on our porch. I feel really bad for him, he has lived so long with a woman who has a strong personality and makes all the decisions that he doesn't or can't make a decision, sad absolutely sad. I am so very thankful the Lord changed me,and then changed my husband. Their is such a peace when your husband is the leader and i don't have to be. Pray we could be an example to them, Jerry doesn't like my sister in-law but is doing very well at not letting it show. God is doing a work in Jerry, the other day he blew up at the boss and the next day apologized to him. We found out one of the ladies that work in the office is a Christian and her husband is a Pastor, Jerry thinks she is a very nice lady. The trip to PA to see James and Renee was good. We got to spend time with the Pratt family, which was very much needed. Tonight they are forecasting 1-3 in. of snow, i love the first snow of the season, but am glad we won't get what NY and ME will get. Jerry is looking forward to not having to drive in it. We are having our pastor and his family over on Sunday for lunch, hoping it goes well, they are a sweet family so it should be fine. My Love to all. Holley

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do we believe that God truly knows our heart and knows how to bless his children? I woke this morning to the sun coming up and rays shining through the trees with stripes running through the field. Robins scattered on my back lawn mixed in were 3 more species of birds, it sounded like spring. Blessed, so blessed. The sent and sights of Fall.
I found an apple orchard on Sunday, we drove this back road and it got really narrow, looked like a horse and buggy trail, so narrow i won't drive it. Found second apples for $5 a bushel. They were small but very nice. This is Pastor appreciation month so i thought i would do a box of applesauce for my Pastor. His wife is the only one in church that is into natural and health. We are having meetings at church Friday night and Saturday and Sunday. They call it district meetings. Theirs a church an hour or so away that will be attending, should be interesting. Their is so much history here, Carol owns a little church where they first started the church way out on a back road, actualy on the way to the orchard, we seen it. It was built in 1817 and still has the original wood work and Carol has a picture of the man who built it. I am hoping to go in it at some point. Here on the hill their are several historic places. Their are several books written on the Blue Ridge and one in perticular on a man who built and started many churches. Many winter projects. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My NY trip went well, enjoyed several visits with sisters from grace and spent some time with my sister Sherry. I got to go for a walk with Sherry, i miss that so much. I do hope the wedding in ME went well. Moms surgery went well, they said they got all the cancer. We are glad to be home, have been canning tomatoes, we paid $8 for a half bushel of seconds so we are doing several. I bought apples and 3 gals of unpasturized cider in NY, i use it for a sweetner in my applesauce. We opened them to find it was hard, wasted $9. We plan on canning at least 75 quarts of sauce. We are planning on going hiking this weekend, love Fall. Hope everyone is well. Holley

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I am sorry that Terri and i won't be coming to the wedding. We would have to head back home right after the reception, making our time very short. Terri and i would like to plan a trip up for 4 days, giving us time to visit with each one of you.I pray the wedding will go well and will be a blessing to all. My heart will be with you. My Love, Holley

Friday, September 30, 2011

My brother Ken came yesterday and will leave Sunday. He and i have always been close so it has been nice. He went for an interview where Jerry works and i think he is hired so him and his wife are looking at moving here from SC sometime soon. He will have to stay with us for 3 weeks before moving. I am so very thankful for my life, the Lord has been so good to us. He enabled us to keep our credit in good standing and has blessed my marriage beyond what i could even amagine. I say this because my brother has the opposite. His wife keeps them in dept and she rules the rooste.And she professes to be a Christian.

Friday, September 23, 2011

It has been a challenge having my Mom here, their are things i see in her life that need to be addressed before taking her home, please pray for me. It has been so real to me that we need to walk so close to our Savior, the devil wants to draw us away from him, and uses anything to accomplish it. Do we put Jesus first in everything, do we pray before making decisions? To see someone who professes to be a christian watch tv programs that make jokes of sin and not hunger for truth,sad very sad. I have been so burdened this week, not understanding how a christian can live this life so careless. My biggest fear is i will get to heaven and Jesus will say i never knew you.
Went to prayer meeting for the first time last night, was good to get that mid week pick me up, the pastor talked to me about the reserch he did on women being teachers in the church,i got the feeling he has really been thinking hard on the issue. He said he wasn't trying to change my mind and i said oh don't worry i am strong on what i believe and am not perswaded easily. How someone can read, Women are not to teach or assurp authority over a man and come up with something different is beyond me. He said he likes us coming and thanked me for coming. I also thanked him for allowing us to come and keep our convictions. I can see i am giving him a challenge, a good thing.I pray God will use me for his glory here. I want my life to Glorify my Savior!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Went shopping yesterday and a man came up to the truck and interduced himself. He was born and raised in Waterville ME. He was so pleased to meet someone from ME. His Family is still there. He is a policeman here in Roanoke, said we will like living here, just need to get used to it. Very nice man, well young man. My brother found another apartment for my mom in Walton, we seen pictures of it and it was very bright,roomy and had a large porch for her to sit on. Also in a nice neighborhood.It's across the street from my nefew. Her apartment now smells moldy and is dark and small. It is going good, my mom is able to climb our stairs. Have a blessed Lord's day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My mom finely made it here. We are going to have a sweet time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Had a hour conversation with my pastor, i wanted to know about going to Sunday school when i believe that women should not teach men. He had a lot to say, one thing that he said is their is another scripture that pretty much says women can teach just not preach, just a little confusing. He said he would do a study on it. Please pray for me, my heart misses being with like minded people. He was nice about everything just came away a little fearful of not being strong and laying down convictions, thats not my heart or prayer. I told him i will not go back on what God has shown me and he encouraged me not to. Please also pray for Jerry, he is thinking about selling our truck to buy an older truck and a car that is good on gas. It would be a good thing and we also are going to try to sell our camper. This would help us financially and i could go to NY and ME on a little money. Thanks!
We had such a good time hiking yesterday. We were told of a nature conservatory 15 minutes away that had 3 trails to hike. A few years ago you could go to what they call Twins Falls but they closed it down due to to many people getting to close to the edge and getting killed. We hiked one trail that took us 2 hours. Next weekend we will try another trail. Found our grunt call so had a little fun trying to call buck in. Jerry called a few doe in this morning. The buck are real small here, Terri and i are going to try our luck at hunting this year, should be fun. Our trip to the wedding may still be on, I spoke to my brother and he said he would get mom here so we'll see. Mom's house didn't get water like i thought, it did reach the insulation which will have to be replaced. Mom had flood insurance.Have not been able to get anyone to see our car, Jerry will have to call and talk to Al to see what will happen next. Hoping his insurance will cover our loss, we took it off the road and dropped the insurance on it several months ago, who would have guessed it would flood again. My Pastor wants to meet Jerry so Jerry gave the ok to have his family for dinner on the 18 of this month, if they can come that day. Looking forward to church, the preaching is so good, he steps on a few toes with no apologizing for the truth. Have a blessed Sunday, miss all my dear friends!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountain..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today was the first time i drove just Terri and i across town, did good. Took Jerry to work at 5:30 this morning then back home, then off to the doctors at 9:00. After that we hit Bojangles, oh so yummy, not healthy just yummy.The biscuits are really really good. It's a fried chicken & biscuit place. Found our first Christian store,then off to the Dollar Store and food store. My friend Carol had surgery last week so i stopped in for a visit with some flowers, had a nice visit. Stopped to visit another lady from church, she was having a bad day on Sunday so i thought i would encourage her today. She wasn't home. Her and her husband used to live in upstate NY, they have a now 3 year old girl as a foster child, they have had her a year, she was abused very badly and is a challenge. Can't wait to get my car, so many people to encourage. The rain has stopped today, maybe a little this afternoon. Mom is not coming as of today, every time i deal with my family their is so much drama. Wedding? Not sure at this point, i will wait to see what happens next week before i call it quits. I wanted to also buy my tomatoes and apples in NY as they are much cheaper. God is still good and on the thrown! God bless you all and stay safe my NY friends!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday was good, the preaching is great, when i say great i mean it makes you look within yourself and examine where you are as compared to where you were. Am i closer to Jesus or have i made little choices that have slowly taken me farther away from where he wants me. I am very encouraged with the pastor. The second time i went to church i told him he needed to take the clock off the wall and just preach the whole message. Well Sunday he preached to 12:30 and around 12 says someone once told him to preach longer, well i could have climbed under the pew. He said after church, i hope i didn't embarressed you to much,but i did take your advice. I told him the people here may not want me here, 2 families were gone less than 5 minutes after church. I told the pastor i look forward to Church and getting fed, if the people can't stand an extra 1/2 hour of preaching something is wrong in their hearts. The younger women are not very friendly, they don't seem to like outsiders. And here comes Holley! Love it! If you don't have joy that infects others, you may want to examine yourself. I love my savior and i love to serve him, the Christian life is awesome! My Love to all my dear sweet friends!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just finished taking black walnuts out of their husks now to let them dry for 2 weeks. I am going to find a buyer for them. Jerry's co-worker said his sister sells them for around $17.00 a pound. I have 3 trees at the end of my driveway and my pastor has a neighbor that gives them away. Very messy and it stains anything the juice touches. I am still trying to find info on the husks for the tooth tincture. I found ones that were already black but when i hit it with a hammer it smashed the walnut inside, so i took green ones, smashed it and the walnuts were whole, I am drying the green husks in hope that they turn black for the tincture. Mom is coming within the next week,waiting on my sisters boyfriend to make up his mind on what day, Mom is all excited. I am hoping to help her lose a few pounds while she is here, since moving she has gained several pounds. Terri and i are walking everyday sometimes twice. No plans for the holiday weekend, Jerry will be working the weekend. Poor guy has been going to work around noon so he doesn't get home till mid morning. The Mill is behind and doesn't make the flour on time. He loves coming home, peace and quiet on this hill. Friday i am going to sit with Carols husband as she has to have surgery. She is paying me which is good. Missed church Sunday, Jerry had to work so i left a message with Carol to pick us up...Well she never got my message. The pastor and his wife came to the house after church with a few house warming gifts, so sweet. He gave me his notes from the sermen, i just hated missing it. He also was hoping to meet Jerry, said the 2 yankeys need to stick together, i hope Jerry will like him, he has a great sense of humor. Something i really miss is singing, the pastor chooses all the songs Sunday morning and i don't know most of them. I was thinking of trying to find a hymn book, i'll sound really funny singing by myself just because i can't carry a tune, probable scare away the animals... I am having my Mom bring me canning tomatoes down when she comes. They want $20 a half bushle here, i will get them for $8 in NY. Hoping to get some apples for sauce as well. Have a good night!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please Please pray for the Cherry family that is from my NY church but are missionaries in Africa, they lost their 10 year old son to malaria,my heart is just grieving. You give up so much to serve in a foreign land and also lose a child, God is going to need to carry them.The more i learn about the south the more i don't like it. We now know their is yet another poison est spider along with chiggers. Boy i miss ME and NY, at least you could walk the woods without having to worry about deadly things. Last night we had a 4.9 tremor, It woke Terri but Jer and i slept right through. They said we could have more in the next few days. I have to admit it was very scary to have everything shake violently. Terri and i were on our porch, i thought the glass in my front door was going to break. I am so excited, i bought a mattress and box spring from sears online and got a very good deal, i paid $130.00 for one and $140 for the other, cheap but what did i expect, i asked God for it. Today i bought a frame for $25.00 at good will, it was like new, a new one was going to cost $80.00. I love good will! I have no curtain rods so i found 2 today for $1 a piece.Tomorrow Terri and i are taking Jerry to work so we can use the truck, I hate driving but you got to do it. We need to go to a doctor to establish then try to find a dollar store and meat market, should be a nice day just the two of us. We do plan on coming to the wedding in October just need to get some details worked out so please pray God would work it out for us, Thanks

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today Terri and I ripped up the carpet in our living room and much to our delight their was beautiful hardwood flooring under it. The landlord delivered the new carpet yesterday but now i would love to have throw rugs. If it was our own house i could, but i'm sure Jerry will want carpet. Just waiting for him to get home from work, he had a trip to Kentucky, thankfully it went smooth this week. Thinking of selling our car in NY, we might not get it up our driveway since it is so low to the ground, we can buy something here. Seen several turkey the other day, was very tempted to shoot one but i didn't. I need to see when hunting starts here so i can shoot legal. The days are very long with no vehicle, one can only due so much cleaning you know.. Talked to my Mom last night, she is not sure she wants to come visit, she will have a hard time going back home. I was tring to talk her into moving back to Bainbridge, that is home to her, of course she will still have to rent an apartment. All my love to all, Holley

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I waited patiently for the LORD (Psalm 40:1)

Waiting is much more difficult than walking, for waiting requires patience, and patience is a rare virtue. We enjoy knowing that God builds hedges around his people, when we look at the hedge from the aspect of protection. But when we see it growing higher and higher until we can no longer see over it, we wonder if we will ever get out of our little sphere of influence and service, where we feel trapped. Sometimes it is hard for us to understand why we do not have a larger area of service, and it becomes difficult for us to " brighten the corner" where we are. But God has a purpose in all of his delays. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord" (Ps 37:23) It is a sad mistake for someone to break through God's hedges. It is a vital principle of the Lord's guidance for a christian never to move from the spot where he is sure God has placed him, until the "pillar of cloud" moves. Once we learn to wait for the Lord's leading in everything, we will know the strength that finds its highest point in an even and steady walk. Many of us are lacking the strength we so desire, but God gives complete power for every task He calls us to perform, Waiting--keeping yourself faithful to his leading--this is the secret of strength. And anything that does not align with obedience to him is a waste of time and energy. Watch and wait for his leading. Must life be considered a failure for someone compelled to stand still, forced into inaction and required to watch the great roaring tides of life from the shore? No--victory is then to be won by standing still and quietly waiting. Yet this is a thousand times harder to do than in the past, when you rushed headlong into the busyness of life. It requires much more courage to stand and wait and still not lose heart or lose hope, to submit to the will of God, to give up opportunities for work and leave honors to others, and to be quiet, confident, and rejoicing while the busy multitude goes happily along their way. The greatest life is;after you have done everything to stand.
--Streams in the Desert--

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life around our Home..

Hello to all, we finely have internet. We are doing well. Finding a church close has been a challenge, Amherst is about 2-2 1/2 hours away so we will visit once a month when we are able to have our car here. Mean while we are going to a Westley church which is Methodist. The preaching is very good and the people are nice. The women wear modest apparel and their hair is always in a bun. The first day we went an older lady named Carol was teaching Sunday school, so we only go to church. Carols husband started the church in 2000 but ended up having a few strokes so from what the pastors wife tells me, Carol has taken over for her husband and has been trying to keep the church going. I let the pastors wife know where i stand on women teaching in the church, she seemed to understand. That has made me really examine what i believe and whats important in a church, i feel the Lord has me here for some reason and i do pray and know he will not let me believe anything but his truth. Their are only 12 adults that attend.Last week we helped with VBS which was fun, Carol picked us up and the pastors wife brought us home. Carol is in her late 60's and has 2 married sons, one has an 17 year old daughter, that live in walking distance to her and seem to not give her much help with her sick husband SOOOO i felt the need to offer my help and she was very pleased for it. Carol has been such a big help, she is taking Terri and i to a few Good Will stores at the end of the week. The Pastors are John and Michele, thought you would like that Michele! Michele took us to a bulk food store last week, she is a blast so so sweet. I got to ask her a lot of questions about what they believe, i think they are being careful not to step on Carols toes. There is also a Menonite Church 30 minutes away but Terri and i both felt this is where we should be. God could have moved us closer to Amherst, he makes no mistakes so i feel he is using us here. I have a peace that he is going to do great things here. It still doesn't feel like "home". Maybe when we buy a house it will, or maybe it's not supposed to. I spend a lot of time praying and am so thankful, God is so awesome and i am thankful for the trials and for my salvation. I miss my NY and ME friends so very much, you all have a piece of my heart forever. But i am looking forward to see what work God has for me here. Jerry's job is going good, they need more drivers so he puts in long hours and works 6 days a week, he does like the job and everyone there is nice. I will get on later to post some pics.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello from Virginia!!

Just a quick update....We all are doing great and settling in well. we love our new house. we sit on our porch every night and watch the wildlife. Jerry really likes his job, it is going very well for him. I am so happy for him! I met a sweet lady at a church last week, she came to visit and yesterday we went out to eat. so thankful to finally be meeting people and getting friends. Terri and I will be helping out all next week at a VBS at a church down the road from us, they will have about 25 children. we are looking forward that, it's always nice getting off the mountain for a bit :) We found out that there is a mennonite church in Floyd, about 20 min from us, so sunday we will be going there. We still don't have internet, hopefully by next week we will so then I can update a little more and put pic's on. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Will have internet on Wednesday, for now it's the parking lot of Panera Bread. All is well.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well we made it through yesterday, we packed our storage unit in 2 hours and 15 min. I prayed through it, i was so afraid Jerry would swell. We will load up our house this morning and be on our way to VA. Please pray for safety and that we have no break downs, the truck was smoking a little yesterday.The moving truck that is. Please please pray for a young lady from my old church, she was in an accident and in a comma,her name is Ange Wiph. Thanks

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We are excited, we have a home!!! God has given me my hearts desire. When i prayed for a place to live when we first came here i was very specific. I asked for a sweet place that had privacy, a septic and well, storage for all our things and a porch. Well we went to look at a house yesterday that had all in the ad we found but i didn't know about the inside. When we seen it we all were so thrilled with it. It is SWEET. It sits on top of the highest mountain in the Roanoke area and in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The landlords are really sweet and said they would make sure we are comfortable there. The house sits on the edge of the woods with a large field in front, lots of wild life. I will put pictures on as soon as i can. We will be moving on Thursday. Oh the house sits on 80 acres. Jerry doesn't need a hunting license to hunt.. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry i haven't written in a while but it seems everything is always unsettled. I cringe to even give an update. The job in PA finely called back after 4 days, by then we had to move on for a job, not being able to find housing there was also a problem. As of yesterday Jerry took a job in Roanoke VA. We looked for housing before looking for work and found plenty. We go Monday for his drug test and physical and as soon as the drug test comes back and we find housing he can start work. It would be hauling tanker loaded with flour, yes flour.. for baking and it doesn't blow up. It is days, jerry will have his own truck and will have 2 loads a day and can start any time he wants as long as the deliveries are done at the end of that day. Pay is very well and he can work 6 days or 5 and their is always extra to do to make more money. He was very pleased with the boss and other drivers, they were very nice, the boss came out to the truck to meet me and is also looking for housing for us. He told us what areas to stay away from and what areas are good, that really helped as we have no clue about any of that. We are calling to set up appointments to look at several places on Monday. We had answered prayer this morning, We thought we were going to have to go to NY so Jerry could see his doctor for his swelling medication, the nurse told him the last time he got a refill on his pills that he would have to see the doctor before he would write another prescription. He called and the doctor was out of town so the secretary had another doctor write the prescription. Jerry's mom will pick it up and get it filled for him, so so thankful. We have been looking for churches in VA and found a Brethren church so we shall see what it is. Jerry's sister called a few days ago and said she would not charge us anything for staying here, not even electric, if we would paint the living room and stain the back deck, that was also answered prayer. It cost under 50.00 to do the inside paint and the stain is in the basement already. So we painted on Wednesday and will do the deck on Saturday, feels good to have something to do. Feeling a lot less anxious but i know we have a ways to go before we are settled some where. I am trusting my savior to bring us a home. Please pray also for that and that we would find a church. Jerry is very concerned for us finding a church, he feels bad. Terri and i have enough faith and our roots are deep so we feel we can get along with a body as long as the truth is preached. I do miss you all and pray you are all well. Love in Christ, Holley

Friday, July 1, 2011

The house was dueable and in a nice neighborhood, but they needed 3 months rent up front plus security which would come to $2800.00 and on top of that the man from his job has not returned his call. No idea what happened. Please keep praying. We are going back to VA to check out more jobs.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Off to look at a place in PA. It's in a houseing developement, we can't seem to find anything in the country to rent. It's in Cleona, 15 mins from Myerstown. Jerry hopefully will start work in a few days.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good morning. Jerry's orientation went well yesterday. He can't start until we have a place to live, he will need an address to get his license changed over. We rode around PA looking for places to rent and bought a few papers. I also contacted a few men that Catherine told me about and both will get back to me. I did not call Mark Brewbaker yet, maybe today. I am praying for a place in the country with a lawn and a garage so we don't have to pay for a storage unit. Terri and i are looking forward to all the shopping :) And all the fresh produce, i will be able to do some canning. Also i am closer to NY, i hope to be able to visit soon. My mom was going on Monday to have surgery on her nose, she was in a gown sitting and waiting for the doctor to come in and they cancelled the surgery. So i may be able to be with her after all, they will reschedule. Jerry's sister will be visiting today or Friday, she is here from Germany. this is her house we are staying in. I am anxious to get moved, not sure where we will go to church yet, we may go to a few until God shows us where we should be, i miss it, Sunday are not the same. It will be great to see Catherine in a few weeks when they come down. I think of you all so much and hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jerry did not take the job for JB Hunt. We were told from a friend that her husband worked for them and the company promises all kinds of things like great pay, but your first check is far from what they promise. Tomorrow he meets with the man from Myerstown PA, the same job he was offered the end of May. We still don't want to move there but i have laid it before my Lord and submit it all. The money is so hard to pass up. I can't say if thats where we will settle or not, i kinda wish it was, then we could just be settled some place. Please keep praying, i just want God's will for us. My love to all.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is cloudy, just waiting for the Realtor to call us to let us know if we are getting the town house in Edinburg. I will have to force myself to empty boxes, renting is not like owning your own home, always feel like your never really home. It will be nice knowing we will not move again in a year unless we are able to buy a place before then. I'm feeling very alone, no one to visit, feel like i have no purpose. I need to help someone, that always makes me feel better.
Jerry will leave Monday to go to New Jersey for orientation for 3 days. If we get the house we will move when he gets back, NJ is 2.5 hours closer here in MD than VA. He will drive rather than take the bus. He's dreading it, he looked up the hotel and it didn't have very good reviews. He also hates sleeping in their beds. If it wasn't for our cat, Terri and i could go with him. I do think this will be good for him.
I think of you all so much, i am praying God gives me Friends from NY and some like you sisters in Maine. To tell you the truth, i'm not looking forward to meeting new people. My heart is still in Maine, I can't think about living in VA for years and years, in my mind it just seems like i'm passing through. I still miss my little home in NY.
I am so thankful Jerry has not swelled, i wouldn't even know where to take him here. I will have to find a hospital in VA, i think we are a half hour from one.
I will let you know when we will be moving. My love to all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well Jerry has a bad feeling about the place we were going to rent, actually a bad feeling about the man. He said their was something about him and he didn't trust him. He didn't say anything there because i was so excited. Women, we have so much influence on our husbands. In the past i had pushed things that he had a bad feeling about and it turned out he was right, several times. So i know better than to get my own way. Tomorrow we go to look at a couple of places, one near Toms Brook which is a good place to be. Please keep those prayers coming :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just got back from VA and we got the place we looked at. The couple asked if we were Mennonite, i said no we are bible believing Christians and he said his wife wears a covering just on Sundays but their are women in their church who wear one all the time. It's a brethren church. We did see a van with people with coverings on as we were leaving the town, so that gives us hope that we will find fellowship. Our new home is in a small town called Toms Brook and we will shop in a town that's close by called Woodstock, it has a Walmart and more. Population of 3000 people. I am just praising the Lord, he has provided what we need. Jerry feels relieved to be moving us someplace safe, he will be working nights and hated to have to leave us some place that was not comfortable for him. There are a lot of houses on this road and a cop lives just around the corner. I can't wait to meet the neighbors. Thank you all so very much for praying for us, please don't stop. We will be moving by Thursday. My Love, Holley

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jerry looked in the paper for rentals and found several, i called on a few and one we are going to see tomorrow at 4. I don't like doing things like that on sundays but i am desperate. The place is in a small town not far from where Jerry will work AND the owner is a christian YEAH!!!!!! We are so excited for this one. It is for 650.00 which is rare for in a small town, and he said cats were ok but we will need a deposit. Please keep praying for this to be an open door. Terri did research and this place would be close to Mennonite churches. Thanks
In need of prayer today. We are having trouble finding housing, we will have to stay in a housing complex and sign a lease for 1 year. Most want $300 non refundable for cat and $25-$40 application fee per adult, first months rent and security deposit. Jer also has to be working. If we stay here he will have to drive 2-3 hours one way to work. Not sure what to do. Also the job he wants you need to be 35 miles from them so that means a VA address. Very discouraging. I don't like the fact of being in the city in an apartment but i have no choice. Nice apartments start around $900, we are calling on one today for $789.00 a month, looks like a nice place, also hard is we don't know the area so we don't know which ones are in a safe neighborhood and we were told they can't tell us if it is. So i ask would you live there? Most times you can tell by price and looks. This just seems to get harder and harder. And as far as a church, we may have to go to a Baptist church. I'm not sure about driving here so i may not venture far without Jerry. Please pray God would show us what to do. Thanks

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a day, the traffic is awful going in and out of Maryland. The house we looked at will not suit. We stopped in a Real Estate office to see if they had any rentals and found several in city and a few houses in the country. One is really nice, it has 2.5 acres but may be a little far, we will find out tonight, it is also in West Virginia which may be no big deal. This is going to be a challenge, i may stay home all the time, the traffic is more than i'm used to. We want to find a small town that's not far for Jerry to go to work. We didn't see not one veil out of all the travels today. Please pray for open doors, we need to be moved to VA by Monday or Jerry will have a 2-3 hour commute to work. We also found that Jers step sister and husband are close to Front Royal VA, she's sweet, we haven't seen her in a few years. Miss you all and hope all is well. With Love, Holley

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WOW, Jerry has had 4 job offers in one hour, one is days and pays really well. We need a VA address first, then he needs to call that one back. We will look at a house to rent tomorrow and open a po box there. Please pray for direction on jobs, house and a church. We are very excited. God bless your day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As i look back over the last 8 months i am reminded that just because our hearts want something doesn't mean it's God's will for us. I wouldn't take back one minute of those months, the pain as well. I have met a beautiful body that has left a print on my heart and i will never forget any of them. I love each one and feel so grateful to them. To know the beauty of a christian life filled with friends where ever one goes. God is so huge and his people are everywhere, can't wait to meet my next church family. Looking ahead at what God has next for my family is exciting and a little scary, but what ever he has for us may he be praised and glorified through our lives.
Today Jerry was hired to haul sand in a tank truck. It is out of Front Royal VA, right where we want to be.It will be nights but he doesn't need to change over his license or hazmat. We do need to get a place in VA before Monday. He is still putting in for other jobs, their is so much work here. I feel so blessed, this condo that we are staying in is such a breath of fresh air, it is so nice. We can open the windows and run around barefoot. We were told not to go 2 miles down one road because their are gangs,and its a real bad place. People here are not friendly, our one neighbor will go inside when we come out,My Mr. social talks to her but she makes a few noises and goes in. I have had to pray about fear, this country girl just feels so uncomfortable in this city. It's amazing how i can stereo type colored people.I have been trying to pray for the ones who look..well.. evil. You drive 2.5 hours and your in VA and the whole attitude of people change, they speak and smile. I am amazed how God has just given me so much peace with this move, can't describe it, my roots go deep and my faith just gets stronger. It will be neat to see what he does next. I told Jerry i would go anywhere with him as long as i had a church there, well i have no church now but i have a Jesus that is with me who will never leave me nor forsake me.Praise his name! I shouldn't depend on people but on him, fully and completely. Please keep the Pinney family in your prayers, The soul of my dear husband as #1. My love, Holley.

Friday, May 27, 2011

We are leaving Maine on Tuesday morning as soon as we get loaded.We are going to NY to stay the night then off Wed. morning to Maryland. We don't want to get to MD at night as we need to meet someone for the key to the house there. I will keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sally thank you for keeping us in prayer, we need it. Jerry decided we are going to Maryland because we can stay at his sisters condo and that will help us get on our feet. There is a lot of work there to. We have no idea about a church there but i know God will provide one. We plan to be on our way on Tuesday the 31st. Hoping we can find someone to help unload when we get there, some stuff is just to heavy for us girls. I will try to write and keep everyone updated. Holley

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today my heart is breaking,Jerry put in for a job in PA and if he gets it we are moving there. We will not be coming back to Maine. I absolutely love the people here and the church. Terri also does not want to leave. We have poured our hearts into the church and the people. I hear of so many churches in PA and well to tell you the truth i don't want to be part of them, they will reach out because thats the right thing to do then after a while your just a butt in their benches. Yes i want God's will but i am not seeing what good PA can be. A man from the church here is reaching out to Jerry and has a love for him. Please pray for us, we need it so much. I just want to belong somewhere where i feel the love of a church family.. here i have that, and for my husband to get saved and feel excepted by brothers right where he's at.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Well the kids left at 6 am today, it has been a sweet 4 days. Trenton is presious, it breaks my heart to live so far away from them. Being able to see him grow and being able to teach him things he will always remember is something i will miss.He is just starting to smile when you talk to him and tries to coo, sooo sweet.I got to give him a bath last night. He is such a content little guy, cries when wet or hungrey or when he wants Grandma to cuddle him :) Having Terri home is great, missed her so much. Today we went for a walk on one of the snowmobile trails and ended up coming to a clearing that came to a lake. We watched an eagle swoop down and catch something in the water. I think we found a special spot to picnic, we are going there Saturday if it doesn't rain. Praying God will open doors sooon for work for Jerry, this is just draining at times. Terri also needs prayer for work. We cant get our car until Jerry gets working, the cost is high to get it here and pay for having it fixed. Life is full of challenges everyday.I am thankful i am a child of God and that my life is rested in his hands.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello from Maine! Well my trip to Montana was good, seeing Barb pregnant was wonderful. We had a trip to the bison range where we seen a herd of elk bull and all. Lots of deer and a few antelope. The mountains were spectacular, from Barb's home you were surrounded by them. She lives in a sweet town where everyone knows you which could be a bad thing i guess. Missed seeing little Trent by a few hours. We were supposed to arrive in NY around Saturday 1pm but because of so many delays it ended up being Sunday at 1pm. My husband was so excited to see me that he was on the platform before we got stopped, what a homecoming. He's not letting me leave probable ever.... I am settled in once again, still no job for Jerry, praying it will be soon. The church here is just taking off to new heights, when Melvin was voted in as leader he just jumped in feet first. He decided on Wednesday night prayer meeting that we are to read a book together called One Anothering. This is good, he wants hearts blended and each of us to use our gifts and talents within the body, to love and help each other. I can feel the difference already. Last week i started helping a sister who is pregnant and has 4 children, i love to help others and when i focus on others it takes my mind off me. I feel very blessed to have this body here, our bible study now has 4 sisters and is a blessing. I just love looking up verses and taking words and looking up the meaning, just awesome! I am learning to focus on today and not tomorrow. To focus on Jesus through out the day, blessed just blessed. It will be GREAT having Terri home, i have missed her so. Sorry to miss Mary and Terry's wedding, prayed for that girl many times, our God is faithful! Barb, Norm, Trent and Terri will be here on the 23rd, will be a sweet Easter. They will leave to go home on Wednesday or Thursday, will be a short visit but a good one. Can't wait to hold my Grandson for the first time and kiss his little head. Hope all my friends are well, Love to all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trenton Thomas Borntreger

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