Friday, October 28, 2011

Well my brother has arrived and is renting an apartment at the end of our driveway. So far it has been good,him and his wife walked up to see us last night, my sister in-law does not walk and is not an outside person, so it was a surprise. My brother has missed NY and the country and plans on spending lots of time on our porch. I feel really bad for him, he has lived so long with a woman who has a strong personality and makes all the decisions that he doesn't or can't make a decision, sad absolutely sad. I am so very thankful the Lord changed me,and then changed my husband. Their is such a peace when your husband is the leader and i don't have to be. Pray we could be an example to them, Jerry doesn't like my sister in-law but is doing very well at not letting it show. God is doing a work in Jerry, the other day he blew up at the boss and the next day apologized to him. We found out one of the ladies that work in the office is a Christian and her husband is a Pastor, Jerry thinks she is a very nice lady. The trip to PA to see James and Renee was good. We got to spend time with the Pratt family, which was very much needed. Tonight they are forecasting 1-3 in. of snow, i love the first snow of the season, but am glad we won't get what NY and ME will get. Jerry is looking forward to not having to drive in it. We are having our pastor and his family over on Sunday for lunch, hoping it goes well, they are a sweet family so it should be fine. My Love to all. Holley

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