Monday, November 7, 2011

I am longing for a sweet hug from my christian sisters, I need to be with people who i know love me and i them. Miss all you sisters so very much this last while. Please make sure you show love to others, it is so important that we Love as Christ love's.

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liv4him said...

Well Holley I am on here after what I think is MONTHS!!! Catching up on your blog, which I have missed so much! I noticed this entry on my 52nd birthday. :) I missed seeing you at Betty Byler's the other day! I stayed until around 5:00...she said you ended up there at 8 or so, so I wasn't even close, but I was so hoping to see you! I'm going to read the other posts now...I don't know if my comment on here goes to you, or you have to look on this date to see it? Let me know if you get this. :)