Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our days seem to pass rather quickly, we are ready for bed by 7. I hate to see how we will feel when we get cleaning jobs. I am feeling amazingly good, i am so thankful to the Lord for being able to catch the Lyme early. Terri and i have been walking since last week every morning and i am feeling good. We are still waiting for our pool man to get our pool cleaned up, he should be here today and i will need to speak with him about it. I had to call him last Friday to see if he was coming to vacumme the pool. He is from a local Mennonite church. It is really hot here, but it does seem to rain almost everyday, although it doesn't cool it off any. Sunday we had church at a park, for fathers day, late fathers day. It was very warm even being in the shade. The lady's here put on quite the spread, they did chicken and beef on the grill, pies, home made ice cream, rice and beans and all the fixings for tortia wraps. So far it doesn't feel like i am going to be close friends with anyone, they all kinda seem like they have their own thing going on, maybe i will be to busy to even try to get close. So any how, i guess that's how it goes sometimes. Well we are off to Barb's to visit, have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Good morning to all. It has been quiet the head spinning move. I found out last Friday that i have Lyme disease. I was put on strong antibiotics, the doctor said that should take care of it and that it was caught in the early stage. Of course i am doing a lot of other things to boost my immunity. Then i will need to cleanse from the antibiotics. Every day i seem to be a little better. All is going well, Jerry is still trying to get a driving job so we can buy a house, but he really would love to go on his own in odd jobs and carpentry, you can make some good money here. Terri and i ordered business cards for cleaning and will put them at the Amish store and post office, Barbie Fisher said people look there for Christian cleaners. She was hoping to get us to clean for her, she would like to get out of it, but we can make $10 more an hour getting our own jobs. We hope to get 6 jobs,Tuesday through Thursday. We go to Barb's every morning to visit, the boys are so sweet. We are ready for bed by 7, not used to being so busy that it will take a while to get used to it.It's amazing how quickly your world can change, i do miss the country but i think i have been so people deprived that i am liking the city. Terri is just blossoming, she just gets in the car and goes, she finds her way around better than Barb. She loves being able to just take off to Barb's any time. Jerry has a job power washing Barb's house on Saturday, It pays good. We are going to set up a game night at Barb's once a week. Today we are going through stuff to sell in Barb's lawn sale, i certainly have lots of stuff, after living without it for 3 years i don't need it now. My love to all, Holley

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good morning to all. We will be moving to Fl on Friday, God has opened all the doors. Jerry has a job and Terri and i have cleaning jobs once we get settled. It is so hard leaving this place, this morning i sat on the porch having my morning coffee and i see a big bear come out into the field and wonder around and across it. That was just what i needed one last time before i leave. A lady from the Mennonite church here offered to help us pack and load the truck, we wouldn't have needed the help except the man that was supposed to help us went on vacation. So I called Jen back and 2 men are coming to help load the truck Thursday night, i am very thankful. I have been so sick since coming home from FL Saturday night, i still have head and neck pain and chills and sweating. Today we have a lot of work to do and tomorrow morning Jerry will start packing the truck. We needed help with couches, beds and dressers so they will go in the middle of the truck and the boxes we will use go on last. It will be about a 15 hour trip or so, as long as i get feeling better and Terri doesn't get sick. We have lots of people from church to help us unload when we get there. The ladies are going to have our house cleaned so that is one less thing i have to worry about when getting there. We are going to clean here Thursday night, as we pack we wipe stuff down so it shouldn't be to bad. Please pray for us, i can't tell you how hard this move is AGAIN. My Mom is having a hard time with our move because it is so far away and she thinks she will never see me again, i hope to be able to have her down for the winter months, their enough people who fly to the area that we know that she could fly with. Some how my life needs to Glorify God through it all. Have a wonderful Day, In Christ, Holley

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good morning! Well we have been packing all week, we leave for FL on Friday for vacation and hope to secure a job so we can move down next week. Jerry has to see a man for a dump driving job, the man said he has checked out his references already. There is a lot of work there so it shouldn't be a problem getting a job, and if it's God's plan he will provide. I am not looking forward to this move, i hate the city, it will be like a fish without water. I am thankful for the time spent here, we have been watching deer with their fawns and a bear 2 nights ago roaming the field looking for them. A doe was wondering the field all day Monday for her fawn, we are pretty sure the bear got it. He ripped apart my humming bird feeder a few weeks ago, he left his paw print in the sugar water on the porch. I heard him leaving the porch then crashing through the woods. I love this place! My son in law will be coming up to help us move, we have so much heavy stuff that Terri and i can not lift. Jerry's plan is to buy a few foreclosed homes to resell and hopefully be able to move to Maine in 3-5 years, so my life will be unsettled till then. I have to remind myself that i am not here for my own self pleasure, i am here to serve the living God. I have been so alone here on the hill that it is going to take everything in me to get back to reaching out to the lost.It is scary,not knowing where i will live, God is still teaching me to trust him. Jerry seems to be hardening his heart twards God, i had wrote him a letter telling him about my Jesus and it seemed to have no effect on him, at least so i can see. I do hope you all will continue to keep praying for him. Barb's church has an orphanage and clinic in Haiti and Terri was asked to go over and help in the clinic, we are praying about it. The church is also starting up Spanish classes. It will be hard to be busy again but i know i will love having things to do, like being with the grand boys. Trenton can count 1-10 in Spanish. Smart boy. I can't wait to see them, i will try to post some pictures in a few weeks. Well i have a very busy day, Jerry has an early day and we have our cleaning job then off to town for errands and back for more packing. Even though nothing is in stone yet, i would rather pack then get home next week and have to do it in one day, it's amazing the things you can do without. I hope everyone has a good week. Love in Christ, Holley

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good morning to all. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. A lot has happened, for one we are now attending the Mennonite church in Floyd, which we love. Their's a mixture of back grounds there and a young sister whose husband is not saved and does not attend church. Very friendly and loving group.A lot of Yoder's there, wondering if any are related to you Rhonda. We thought Maine was a closed door as far as moving back because we just don't hear back on jobs. We found out last week that Jerry's boss may have been giving him a bad reference because they can't find drivers here and don't want to lose the one's they have. So Jerry started focusing on Florida so Terri and i would have friends and a church. But same problem someone will be interested in him for a job but then we never hear back. Everything in me just cringes of the thought of Florida, having family there is a huge plus. I ask the Lord what's next...Alaska? It's been that extreme for Jerry. He will just keep searching for something to fill that void that only God can fill and i'm in the back seat praying. I have to admit it will be better for Terri and i as far as work,a friend from NY lives there and has offered to get us started in our own house cleaning business. She has people waiting for her to get an opening for her to clean and offered to give them to us. It pays $25.00 an hour. Terri also thought she would love to work in the local green house a few times a week. We would be able to live rent free for 6 months in a house that Barb is moving out of which we could put money away to buy an apartment house. Houses are very cheap there right now and would be a good investment. So we are praying for God to open or close doors. Now that we have a church i don't feel as anxious to move except for Terri not having work. I got to spend the weekend in PA last month for revival meetings in Shippensburg. Roman and Mary Kauffman were there and Roman was the speaker. WOW! what a spirit filled weekend. I was filled to the top, came home renewed and refreshed spiritually. I wrote Jerry a letter witnessing to him and gave it to him this last Sunday, he didn't say anything about it. But i feel clear that if he died today i have told him about Jesus and the decision is his to make. I told him that he has people that love him and are praying for him in 6 states... probable scared him. I am clear before God that i have been the example of Christ to my husband and the only other thing to do is to keep praying and believing that he will be saved. My dear friend Betty Byler from NY will be moving to PA within a month. I hope we are still here so i can go up for the weekend to visit, it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive. We had planned on going to ME for vacation but looks like we'll end up using it for FL.Another good thing of FL. is the airline we found fly's from Tampa straight to Bangor for cheap rates. We can get a ticket up and back for around $120-140. I hate to say i'm going to do this or that cuz it never seems to work out. Each one of you are on my heart and i love you so dearly. I have to tell you what my Grandson did. The other day Barb was watching him and he didn't know it, he picked up his bible and went and sat down, closed his eyes and started to pray. He prayed for gama, tt,papa and dolphin. He them opened his bible and for about 10 minutes stared at the pictures. How incredible at just 2 years old. They started doing family devotions a few months ago and always asks Trenton who he wants to pray for and it's always the same, tt, gama, papa and dolphin. The dolphin is because he went to sea world and loved the dolphins. The work on my knees will never end but that's the way i want it. Today is only going to be in the 60's then we are in the 80's and a slight chance of rain. We had a week straight of rain so the sunshine is a great sight.We planted some left over seed from last year and because of the possibility of moving we won't put in any plants. I will miss my gardens. I hope you all are well. God bless you! All my Love, Holley

Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Monday morning to all. It has been an interesting and fun weekend. Friday Jerry had a Kentucky run so we took him to work so we could do some shopping. We went to Floyd in the afternoon to go to the Mennonite bulk food store, first i was greeted for the first time then when checking out the girl behind the counter asked where i was from. I know they have been curious seeing us around and wondering what or who we are. It ended up her inviting us to her church. That made me very happy and as i stood in line waiting to check out, I had prayed that someone would ask me, so i felt God answering my prayer. We then stopped in a diner for a cup of coffee, a man greeted us at the door then asked if we were Yankees, i said ABSOLUTELY! He replied me to that he was also. At that point i had to shake his hand, i was so happy to meet a Yankee. Isn't that sad, i find myself in a separation war. Any way he came to our table and we talked for about 15 mins about our faith, he said he was also a Christian. I went home feeling very pleased with our day. Sunday was well let's say eye opening and a little shocking. The Pastor from the church we attended wanted to come and talk to us so he came at 4. We set it up through his wife the week before, she had said John wanted to come and talk with us and said he hoped us not coming to church does not effect his relationship with Jerry. Although he hasn't reached out to him since having them over for a meal. When he got here he was under the impression that we wanted to talk with him, i assured him we were told the opposite. In the conversation he warned us about home churching and not letting bitterness in our hearts, then the shocker... Jerry was in the living room but i thought he could hear John as john started telling me that he won't be having anything to do with Jerry and i will be at arms length. It would be ok to call his wife but their would be no interaction between him and i. I was floored. To say i will not witness to an unsaved person because his wife left the church. wow.He also said that coming from the Mennonites is different because they are community oriented, i didn't say we are not Mennonite but at this point he can think what he wants. Terri and i both felt this was conformation that we did the right thing in leaving this church. I asked Jerry if he heard what John said and he didn't so i told him, this made for a good conversation.I told Jerry that Christianity is about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and living it out daily. I shared with John that i was saddened for the ladies here because i want to have a relationship with Christians and learn and grow in the Lord and having them be unresponsive to me was sad and they are missing out,God has so much more for them. Jerry was in the kitchen listening to most of our conversation. I know God is using all these circumstances to draw Jerry. He see's we are unchanging no matter if we have a church or not, seeing that their is a higher power that we look to for guidance and seeing those who are committed and those who are not. Please pray for him!!! I keep reminding myself that i told God i would go anywhere and go through hard times for Jerry's salvation. Instead of looking to the future, i look only for today and it really has made a big difference with getting depressed. Also being reminded by a friend that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THOSE THAT LOVE THE LORD, good or bad. I do miss the churches in NY and ME, You don't know what you have until you are on the outside looking in. May our Lord and Savior Bless you and keep you! In Christ, Holley

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good afternoon to everyone! It was a nice day today, 45 and partly sunny. Enjoyed Jeff's message today, very encouraging. Listening to Grace makes me miss everyone. Thank you Stoltzfus family for the picture, i love seeing you every time i go to the frig.Everyone is getting so grown up. Mary you can call me anytime, i would love to hear from you, and i know you dislike talking on the phone :-) I was thinking today that i need to start sending cards to people when i think of them. And lately i have been thinking of so many people. Surprising i don't have a lot to say, not a lot going on. God is still working on me which i am thankful for. Please remember Jerry in your prayers. God Bless your week! All my love, Holley