Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Sunday morning to all! I have to tell what happened last week, Monday i noticed that Jerry was out of tobacco so i reminded him he needed to pick some up after work. On Friday we went shopping and usually he will light up a cigarette every time we get to a store, well i noticed he didn't and thought wow that's good. Saturday morning he had the day off and we were up early and i said whats wrong with you, you usually get a cup of coffee and head outside for a cigarette. He says, honey, i haven't had a cigarette since Monday, I said, WOW! But not so as i would sound excited or anything. You know me, some times you need to hit me over the head before i notice things, like him not smelling like smoke... I told him i was proud of him, and he wasn't even grumpy. I had decided years ago that i would except him just the way he was, bad habits and all, and just pray for God to do the work not Holley. PRAISE THE LORD! HE is doing a mighty work in Jerry! Please keep those prayers coming saints, for he is faithful who promises. And thank you to those who are keeping Jerry is your prayers. God bless your day!