Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Well the kids left at 6 am today, it has been a sweet 4 days. Trenton is presious, it breaks my heart to live so far away from them. Being able to see him grow and being able to teach him things he will always remember is something i will miss.He is just starting to smile when you talk to him and tries to coo, sooo sweet.I got to give him a bath last night. He is such a content little guy, cries when wet or hungrey or when he wants Grandma to cuddle him :) Having Terri home is great, missed her so much. Today we went for a walk on one of the snowmobile trails and ended up coming to a clearing that came to a lake. We watched an eagle swoop down and catch something in the water. I think we found a special spot to picnic, we are going there Saturday if it doesn't rain. Praying God will open doors sooon for work for Jerry, this is just draining at times. Terri also needs prayer for work. We cant get our car until Jerry gets working, the cost is high to get it here and pay for having it fixed. Life is full of challenges everyday.I am thankful i am a child of God and that my life is rested in his hands.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello from Maine! Well my trip to Montana was good, seeing Barb pregnant was wonderful. We had a trip to the bison range where we seen a herd of elk bull and all. Lots of deer and a few antelope. The mountains were spectacular, from Barb's home you were surrounded by them. She lives in a sweet town where everyone knows you which could be a bad thing i guess. Missed seeing little Trent by a few hours. We were supposed to arrive in NY around Saturday 1pm but because of so many delays it ended up being Sunday at 1pm. My husband was so excited to see me that he was on the platform before we got stopped, what a homecoming. He's not letting me leave probable ever.... I am settled in once again, still no job for Jerry, praying it will be soon. The church here is just taking off to new heights, when Melvin was voted in as leader he just jumped in feet first. He decided on Wednesday night prayer meeting that we are to read a book together called One Anothering. This is good, he wants hearts blended and each of us to use our gifts and talents within the body, to love and help each other. I can feel the difference already. Last week i started helping a sister who is pregnant and has 4 children, i love to help others and when i focus on others it takes my mind off me. I feel very blessed to have this body here, our bible study now has 4 sisters and is a blessing. I just love looking up verses and taking words and looking up the meaning, just awesome! I am learning to focus on today and not tomorrow. To focus on Jesus through out the day, blessed just blessed. It will be GREAT having Terri home, i have missed her so. Sorry to miss Mary and Terry's wedding, prayed for that girl many times, our God is faithful! Barb, Norm, Trent and Terri will be here on the 23rd, will be a sweet Easter. They will leave to go home on Wednesday or Thursday, will be a short visit but a good one. Can't wait to hold my Grandson for the first time and kiss his little head. Hope all my friends are well, Love to all.