Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Off to look at a place in PA. It's in a houseing developement, we can't seem to find anything in the country to rent. It's in Cleona, 15 mins from Myerstown. Jerry hopefully will start work in a few days.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good morning. Jerry's orientation went well yesterday. He can't start until we have a place to live, he will need an address to get his license changed over. We rode around PA looking for places to rent and bought a few papers. I also contacted a few men that Catherine told me about and both will get back to me. I did not call Mark Brewbaker yet, maybe today. I am praying for a place in the country with a lawn and a garage so we don't have to pay for a storage unit. Terri and i are looking forward to all the shopping :) And all the fresh produce, i will be able to do some canning. Also i am closer to NY, i hope to be able to visit soon. My mom was going on Monday to have surgery on her nose, she was in a gown sitting and waiting for the doctor to come in and they cancelled the surgery. So i may be able to be with her after all, they will reschedule. Jerry's sister will be visiting today or Friday, she is here from Germany. this is her house we are staying in. I am anxious to get moved, not sure where we will go to church yet, we may go to a few until God shows us where we should be, i miss it, Sunday are not the same. It will be great to see Catherine in a few weeks when they come down. I think of you all so much and hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jerry did not take the job for JB Hunt. We were told from a friend that her husband worked for them and the company promises all kinds of things like great pay, but your first check is far from what they promise. Tomorrow he meets with the man from Myerstown PA, the same job he was offered the end of May. We still don't want to move there but i have laid it before my Lord and submit it all. The money is so hard to pass up. I can't say if thats where we will settle or not, i kinda wish it was, then we could just be settled some place. Please keep praying, i just want God's will for us. My love to all.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is cloudy, just waiting for the Realtor to call us to let us know if we are getting the town house in Edinburg. I will have to force myself to empty boxes, renting is not like owning your own home, always feel like your never really home. It will be nice knowing we will not move again in a year unless we are able to buy a place before then. I'm feeling very alone, no one to visit, feel like i have no purpose. I need to help someone, that always makes me feel better.
Jerry will leave Monday to go to New Jersey for orientation for 3 days. If we get the house we will move when he gets back, NJ is 2.5 hours closer here in MD than VA. He will drive rather than take the bus. He's dreading it, he looked up the hotel and it didn't have very good reviews. He also hates sleeping in their beds. If it wasn't for our cat, Terri and i could go with him. I do think this will be good for him.
I think of you all so much, i am praying God gives me Friends from NY and some like you sisters in Maine. To tell you the truth, i'm not looking forward to meeting new people. My heart is still in Maine, I can't think about living in VA for years and years, in my mind it just seems like i'm passing through. I still miss my little home in NY.
I am so thankful Jerry has not swelled, i wouldn't even know where to take him here. I will have to find a hospital in VA, i think we are a half hour from one.
I will let you know when we will be moving. My love to all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well Jerry has a bad feeling about the place we were going to rent, actually a bad feeling about the man. He said their was something about him and he didn't trust him. He didn't say anything there because i was so excited. Women, we have so much influence on our husbands. In the past i had pushed things that he had a bad feeling about and it turned out he was right, several times. So i know better than to get my own way. Tomorrow we go to look at a couple of places, one near Toms Brook which is a good place to be. Please keep those prayers coming :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just got back from VA and we got the place we looked at. The couple asked if we were Mennonite, i said no we are bible believing Christians and he said his wife wears a covering just on Sundays but their are women in their church who wear one all the time. It's a brethren church. We did see a van with people with coverings on as we were leaving the town, so that gives us hope that we will find fellowship. Our new home is in a small town called Toms Brook and we will shop in a town that's close by called Woodstock, it has a Walmart and more. Population of 3000 people. I am just praising the Lord, he has provided what we need. Jerry feels relieved to be moving us someplace safe, he will be working nights and hated to have to leave us some place that was not comfortable for him. There are a lot of houses on this road and a cop lives just around the corner. I can't wait to meet the neighbors. Thank you all so very much for praying for us, please don't stop. We will be moving by Thursday. My Love, Holley

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jerry looked in the paper for rentals and found several, i called on a few and one we are going to see tomorrow at 4. I don't like doing things like that on sundays but i am desperate. The place is in a small town not far from where Jerry will work AND the owner is a christian YEAH!!!!!! We are so excited for this one. It is for 650.00 which is rare for in a small town, and he said cats were ok but we will need a deposit. Please keep praying for this to be an open door. Terri did research and this place would be close to Mennonite churches. Thanks
In need of prayer today. We are having trouble finding housing, we will have to stay in a housing complex and sign a lease for 1 year. Most want $300 non refundable for cat and $25-$40 application fee per adult, first months rent and security deposit. Jer also has to be working. If we stay here he will have to drive 2-3 hours one way to work. Not sure what to do. Also the job he wants you need to be 35 miles from them so that means a VA address. Very discouraging. I don't like the fact of being in the city in an apartment but i have no choice. Nice apartments start around $900, we are calling on one today for $789.00 a month, looks like a nice place, also hard is we don't know the area so we don't know which ones are in a safe neighborhood and we were told they can't tell us if it is. So i ask would you live there? Most times you can tell by price and looks. This just seems to get harder and harder. And as far as a church, we may have to go to a Baptist church. I'm not sure about driving here so i may not venture far without Jerry. Please pray God would show us what to do. Thanks

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a day, the traffic is awful going in and out of Maryland. The house we looked at will not suit. We stopped in a Real Estate office to see if they had any rentals and found several in city and a few houses in the country. One is really nice, it has 2.5 acres but may be a little far, we will find out tonight, it is also in West Virginia which may be no big deal. This is going to be a challenge, i may stay home all the time, the traffic is more than i'm used to. We want to find a small town that's not far for Jerry to go to work. We didn't see not one veil out of all the travels today. Please pray for open doors, we need to be moved to VA by Monday or Jerry will have a 2-3 hour commute to work. We also found that Jers step sister and husband are close to Front Royal VA, she's sweet, we haven't seen her in a few years. Miss you all and hope all is well. With Love, Holley

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WOW, Jerry has had 4 job offers in one hour, one is days and pays really well. We need a VA address first, then he needs to call that one back. We will look at a house to rent tomorrow and open a po box there. Please pray for direction on jobs, house and a church. We are very excited. God bless your day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As i look back over the last 8 months i am reminded that just because our hearts want something doesn't mean it's God's will for us. I wouldn't take back one minute of those months, the pain as well. I have met a beautiful body that has left a print on my heart and i will never forget any of them. I love each one and feel so grateful to them. To know the beauty of a christian life filled with friends where ever one goes. God is so huge and his people are everywhere, can't wait to meet my next church family. Looking ahead at what God has next for my family is exciting and a little scary, but what ever he has for us may he be praised and glorified through our lives.
Today Jerry was hired to haul sand in a tank truck. It is out of Front Royal VA, right where we want to be.It will be nights but he doesn't need to change over his license or hazmat. We do need to get a place in VA before Monday. He is still putting in for other jobs, their is so much work here. I feel so blessed, this condo that we are staying in is such a breath of fresh air, it is so nice. We can open the windows and run around barefoot. We were told not to go 2 miles down one road because their are gangs,and its a real bad place. People here are not friendly, our one neighbor will go inside when we come out,My Mr. social talks to her but she makes a few noises and goes in. I have had to pray about fear, this country girl just feels so uncomfortable in this city. It's amazing how i can stereo type colored people.I have been trying to pray for the ones who look..well.. evil. You drive 2.5 hours and your in VA and the whole attitude of people change, they speak and smile. I am amazed how God has just given me so much peace with this move, can't describe it, my roots go deep and my faith just gets stronger. It will be neat to see what he does next. I told Jerry i would go anywhere with him as long as i had a church there, well i have no church now but i have a Jesus that is with me who will never leave me nor forsake me.Praise his name! I shouldn't depend on people but on him, fully and completely. Please keep the Pinney family in your prayers, The soul of my dear husband as #1. My love, Holley.