Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good morning. Jerry's orientation went well yesterday. He can't start until we have a place to live, he will need an address to get his license changed over. We rode around PA looking for places to rent and bought a few papers. I also contacted a few men that Catherine told me about and both will get back to me. I did not call Mark Brewbaker yet, maybe today. I am praying for a place in the country with a lawn and a garage so we don't have to pay for a storage unit. Terri and i are looking forward to all the shopping :) And all the fresh produce, i will be able to do some canning. Also i am closer to NY, i hope to be able to visit soon. My mom was going on Monday to have surgery on her nose, she was in a gown sitting and waiting for the doctor to come in and they cancelled the surgery. So i may be able to be with her after all, they will reschedule. Jerry's sister will be visiting today or Friday, she is here from Germany. this is her house we are staying in. I am anxious to get moved, not sure where we will go to church yet, we may go to a few until God shows us where we should be, i miss it, Sunday are not the same. It will be great to see Catherine in a few weeks when they come down. I think of you all so much and hope all is well with everyone.

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