Monday, October 22, 2012

We have a blast watching the deer every night on our back lawn. Our cat loves to sneak up on them, too funny!!
Sunday meal was huge, i feel like i have been getting snacks up to yesterday. I'm talking spiritually. We found out you can call a number and listen to Grace Christian Fellowship in Bainbridge so Terri and i had no local church and decided we would listen. Well they had a speaker, Roy Daniels, i believe he is Kieth Daniels son and wow was he good. Grace has a web site that you can get on and listen to messages from the church and i recommend doing it as a family to listen to Roy, he spoke the 19th - 21st. We are going to listen to the rest of his preaching later today. I will listen to Sundays message again and take notes. Oh the web site is I will now be tempted to stay home on Sundays to listen to Grace. I am having a hard time reaching out to the people here when they don't reach back, it's like they don't want friends, even Cheryl, i asked her over last week and didn't hear from her. I think they can feel us pulling back, the pastor will now be preaching Sunday nights and he thinks we should be there. They had meetings 1 1/2 hours away at another sister church over the weekend and thought we should be there all day Sunday when Terri and Jerry just got home from their trips. It's hard, the last set of meetings one speaker played on your emotions by telling sad stories, i don't like that that, it's emotion not the spirit. So i continue to pray and ask the lord what i am suppose to do here, how am i to be used, i don't know anymore what to do. I have heard things like if you have a tv your going to hell, children saying your not a christian if you wear pants. I know any time you get a special speaker he is part of the Wesleyan church. On another note, My friend who is not saved back in Bainbridge had found she has uterine and cervical cancer, i don't know how progressed it is but i think it's pretty bad.We have known each other many years, and Jerry has known her husband since teenagers. Several years ago we got together and i witnessed to her,but she still has not make the choice for Jesus. Please pray for her salvation, i let her know if she needs to talk i am here. Every day is a blessing from the Lord,are we striving upward, are we looking to him everyday to change those things in us that need changing? That don't please him. Are we teaching our children to treat others the way we want to be treated, do we put others first or do we want to be first? Our Children will be the future church. God give us as parents wisdom in training our young. May we be that person that pleases God for nothing else matters. God Bless your day! My love, Holley

Friday, October 19, 2012

Well my Terri is home safe and sound. She enjoyed seeing all you Mainers,and is ready to move back. She spent some time with my mom which was a challenge. My mom won't take her antidepressant pill and so she is a mess. She doesn't shower, she is eating unhealthy food and not cleaning her apartment. I have 1 cleaning job here and i have decided to pay someone to clean her place once a month. I spent Thursday night a lone, Jerry went to Michigan Thursday morning at 4am and won't be back till Saturday afternoon sometime. His company sends the drivers out to what is called a skid pad, where they drive a tractor trailer down a run way and they use a computer to lock up the brakes and through them into a skid to train them how to handle it. Jerry should do really good, several times he has skid out of control on snow and ice so he knows how it's done. I had prayed God would have a divine appointment with him. He said the man that rode out with him is a church goer, not a christian but a church goer, he knows the difference. This week we are going to try to make sauerkraut and make our own apple cider seeing the price had jumped in NY and they didn't have any at Frog pond in NY, i guess the apple crop in NY was not good this year. Monday we will find out what day we need to take Terri to Barb's, she is thinking on the 6th of Nov. She will stay for 3 weeks to a month. The leaves are beautiful here, Terri and i have been wanting to hike a trail that is 3 miles up to the top of one of the mountains that overlooks the Roanoke valley, hopefully we can get it done next weekend. My love to all, Holley

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just woke from a nightmare, i wrestled with evil spirits, Pleading in Jesus name. They are real and it just gave me insight into what is going on here in my home. I WILL NEVER QUIT CRYING OUT FOR JERRY and the devil WILL NOT GET THE VICTORY! Please pray! Please pray!
We are heading out tonight to take Terri to NY. She is visiting Maine with a friend,sniffle, sniffle, wish it was me going, miss you all so very much. We will leave at 11:30 tonight and plan on coming right back, Jerry has to get up for work Friday morning at 1:45. Wish i could visit, i haven't even seen my mom's new place. When she gets back she will be staying with my mom till Friday then coming home on the 20th. She will once again leave once we find out Barb's c-section date. Jerry will have to take a 4 day weekend in order to take her to Florida. It sure is going to be quiet around here but i guess i had better get used to it. I might have to learn how to nit, yuck, i would rather milk a cow. Last Saturday i said to Jerry that the house seemed cozy and peaceful for some reason, i didn't realize it but he hadn't turned the tv on. Thursday and Friday he sat after work and looked through one of his woodworking magazine's not turning on the tv for a couple of hours, puts a whole different mood in the home. I do pray one of the first things he does when he gets saved is get rid of that thing. Those of you who had one in the past know exactly what i mean. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Had a very nice day, we finally went to the Amherst church. Betty Bylers niece was there, dating a young man from the church. We seen 2 young ladies that used to attend Grace many years ago, Julia and Suzy Coleman. They live in OH and were just visiting. It was neat listening to her and Terri talk about things they did when they were young. It also broke the ice, at least we knew people there. We sat next to Brenda.... not Shrock but she is a cousin to you ladies in Maine. Very sweet. Their is something about being with people that have the love of Jesus and seeing the preacher shed tears when he preaches. 3 sisters came to meet us but maybe when we visit once a month they will reach out more. Their is one young lady Terri's age who she wasn't there, Dianne Horner, her family attended Grace for a time some years back.I also rode to NY with her and his sister. Her sister sat and ate with us and gave us company at the fellowship meal today. Very nice girl.It took us 2 hours to get to Amherst, Jerry said it would be fine if we wanted to go once a month... well... yes.. I really loved the songs we sang, miss those tunes. I can't tell you how lost or out of place i feel with out a like minded church, i still feel God is using us here but i need a time of oneness with God's people. And the simplicity of the church. Well i will keep my focus upward and not outward and do and be what God wants me to be, weather or not i understand why i'm here in this place. Please continue to pray for us and specially Jerry. All my love, Holley

Monday, October 1, 2012

Please Please Pray for Jerry, we can not carry this burden alone, If you would be willing to also fast i would appreciate it as well. One minute he is sweet and loving, the next he is angry and full of hate. He will say something to me and later will deny saying it as if i made it up. He has accused us of hiding things from him and sneaking behind his back. He is in such turmoil. We need to pray him through. Thank you! My love, Holley.