Friday, October 19, 2012

Well my Terri is home safe and sound. She enjoyed seeing all you Mainers,and is ready to move back. She spent some time with my mom which was a challenge. My mom won't take her antidepressant pill and so she is a mess. She doesn't shower, she is eating unhealthy food and not cleaning her apartment. I have 1 cleaning job here and i have decided to pay someone to clean her place once a month. I spent Thursday night a lone, Jerry went to Michigan Thursday morning at 4am and won't be back till Saturday afternoon sometime. His company sends the drivers out to what is called a skid pad, where they drive a tractor trailer down a run way and they use a computer to lock up the brakes and through them into a skid to train them how to handle it. Jerry should do really good, several times he has skid out of control on snow and ice so he knows how it's done. I had prayed God would have a divine appointment with him. He said the man that rode out with him is a church goer, not a christian but a church goer, he knows the difference. This week we are going to try to make sauerkraut and make our own apple cider seeing the price had jumped in NY and they didn't have any at Frog pond in NY, i guess the apple crop in NY was not good this year. Monday we will find out what day we need to take Terri to Barb's, she is thinking on the 6th of Nov. She will stay for 3 weeks to a month. The leaves are beautiful here, Terri and i have been wanting to hike a trail that is 3 miles up to the top of one of the mountains that overlooks the Roanoke valley, hopefully we can get it done next weekend. My love to all, Holley

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