Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday meal was huge, i feel like i have been getting snacks up to yesterday. I'm talking spiritually. We found out you can call a number and listen to Grace Christian Fellowship in Bainbridge so Terri and i had no local church and decided we would listen. Well they had a speaker, Roy Daniels, i believe he is Kieth Daniels son and wow was he good. Grace has a web site that you can get on and listen to messages from the church and i recommend doing it as a family to listen to Roy, he spoke the 19th - 21st. We are going to listen to the rest of his preaching later today. I will listen to Sundays message again and take notes. Oh the web site is I will now be tempted to stay home on Sundays to listen to Grace. I am having a hard time reaching out to the people here when they don't reach back, it's like they don't want friends, even Cheryl, i asked her over last week and didn't hear from her. I think they can feel us pulling back, the pastor will now be preaching Sunday nights and he thinks we should be there. They had meetings 1 1/2 hours away at another sister church over the weekend and thought we should be there all day Sunday when Terri and Jerry just got home from their trips. It's hard, the last set of meetings one speaker played on your emotions by telling sad stories, i don't like that that, it's emotion not the spirit. So i continue to pray and ask the lord what i am suppose to do here, how am i to be used, i don't know anymore what to do. I have heard things like if you have a tv your going to hell, children saying your not a christian if you wear pants. I know any time you get a special speaker he is part of the Wesleyan church. On another note, My friend who is not saved back in Bainbridge had found she has uterine and cervical cancer, i don't know how progressed it is but i think it's pretty bad.We have known each other many years, and Jerry has known her husband since teenagers. Several years ago we got together and i witnessed to her,but she still has not make the choice for Jesus. Please pray for her salvation, i let her know if she needs to talk i am here. Every day is a blessing from the Lord,are we striving upward, are we looking to him everyday to change those things in us that need changing? That don't please him. Are we teaching our children to treat others the way we want to be treated, do we put others first or do we want to be first? Our Children will be the future church. God give us as parents wisdom in training our young. May we be that person that pleases God for nothing else matters. God Bless your day! My love, Holley

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