Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We are heading out tonight to take Terri to NY. She is visiting Maine with a friend,sniffle, sniffle, wish it was me going, miss you all so very much. We will leave at 11:30 tonight and plan on coming right back, Jerry has to get up for work Friday morning at 1:45. Wish i could visit, i haven't even seen my mom's new place. When she gets back she will be staying with my mom till Friday then coming home on the 20th. She will once again leave once we find out Barb's c-section date. Jerry will have to take a 4 day weekend in order to take her to Florida. It sure is going to be quiet around here but i guess i had better get used to it. I might have to learn how to nit, yuck, i would rather milk a cow. Last Saturday i said to Jerry that the house seemed cozy and peaceful for some reason, i didn't realize it but he hadn't turned the tv on. Thursday and Friday he sat after work and looked through one of his woodworking magazine's not turning on the tv for a couple of hours, puts a whole different mood in the home. I do pray one of the first things he does when he gets saved is get rid of that thing. Those of you who had one in the past know exactly what i mean. Have a blessed day!

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