Thursday, September 20, 2012

Had a wonderful 4 days! My sister Sherry surprised me on Sunday, her mother in-law and her sister in-law drove her down. I grew up with her in-laws, we used to go to their house every weekend and us kids would play kick the can till late in the night. Her sister in-law never married and takes care of her mother. They spoiled us, they gave us a $50.00 gift card to Panera Bread and a $25.00 card to our favorite Yogurt shop. They left a card saying their is a gift coming in the mail. Cindy, the sister in-law, told us about gluten free bisquick then bought Terri 6 boxes which cost 4.99 each, that was so sweet of her. We had so much fun, i haven't laughed that hard in a while. We ate way to much. We talked about a road trip together, maybe Florida. Today back to our routine. The weather is getting cooler, not looking forward to winter but i guess i can't stop it from coming. I do like the cooler days for making soup. Hope everyone is well. My love, Holley.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Thursday morning to all. We have been busy canning tomatoes and applesauce. We have been blessed with good prices on tomatoes, at first it was going to be $12 a half bushel for seconds, we have paid $10, $8 and $7.50 for good tomatoes. We picked a half bushel off our apple tree, a little tart so i have not decided what i am going to do with them yet. We have been enjoying our deer, Jerry has the fawns coming to feed on apples about 4 feet from him. We are planning on hunting this year to fill our freezer. About a month or so ago we seen a large bear cross our field and i guess he's back, the neighbor's have seen a 600 pound bear. We always know he's around because we don't see any deer. I would think he could take down a fawn. Jerry has been just aching to get back to Maine. We have decided to take 2-3 years to get things in order before trying Maine again, and that brings me to my prayer request. Jerry may have a chance to bring his truck home and have a dedicated run but we would have to move an hour and a half more north, which would be a good thing. It would be near Stuarts Draft just off 81. He would still be at the same company. We are really excited because we would have a choice of churches and would also be able to go to the Amherst church. Terri and i would have the car so we could get work, for me just a few cleaning jobs. Plus we would be able to buy a house which would be about $300 cheaper than what we are paying in rent. It would give us more opportunities to meet people and friends. Jerry and i are going to go to the Bank to get pre-approved so when the right property comes up, we can jump on it.Please pray that God would clearly show us what we are to do, i see nothing negative about this move but i want what God wants for us as a family. Here on the hill Terri and i feel so secluded, and another vehicle would just cost us more money. Another plus of moving is that instead of getting up at 1:45 every morning to see Jerry off to work, he would be able to get up at 4:30 for work. I don't sleep well any way and it seems about the time i get to sleep the alarm goes off, then i have trouble getting back to sleep after he leaves. We have found a few houses that we can afford there with everything we need, like a work shop for Jerry and room for a few beef and chickens. Also he might be able to use his company's box truck to move us, just pay for fuel. My mom is finally moved in an apartment in Walton and was cleared by my brother to drive again. She has a lot of adjusting to do but seems to be doing well, she has lost the use of her thumb, but seems to be getting along fine. Well Terri and i are late for our morning walk then more tomatoes to do. Have a wonderful and blessed day! PS. still waiting on some BABY reports.....