Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Monday morning to all. It has been an interesting and fun weekend. Friday Jerry had a Kentucky run so we took him to work so we could do some shopping. We went to Floyd in the afternoon to go to the Mennonite bulk food store, first i was greeted for the first time then when checking out the girl behind the counter asked where i was from. I know they have been curious seeing us around and wondering what or who we are. It ended up her inviting us to her church. That made me very happy and as i stood in line waiting to check out, I had prayed that someone would ask me, so i felt God answering my prayer. We then stopped in a diner for a cup of coffee, a man greeted us at the door then asked if we were Yankees, i said ABSOLUTELY! He replied me to that he was also. At that point i had to shake his hand, i was so happy to meet a Yankee. Isn't that sad, i find myself in a separation war. Any way he came to our table and we talked for about 15 mins about our faith, he said he was also a Christian. I went home feeling very pleased with our day. Sunday was well let's say eye opening and a little shocking. The Pastor from the church we attended wanted to come and talk to us so he came at 4. We set it up through his wife the week before, she had said John wanted to come and talk with us and said he hoped us not coming to church does not effect his relationship with Jerry. Although he hasn't reached out to him since having them over for a meal. When he got here he was under the impression that we wanted to talk with him, i assured him we were told the opposite. In the conversation he warned us about home churching and not letting bitterness in our hearts, then the shocker... Jerry was in the living room but i thought he could hear John as john started telling me that he won't be having anything to do with Jerry and i will be at arms length. It would be ok to call his wife but their would be no interaction between him and i. I was floored. To say i will not witness to an unsaved person because his wife left the church. wow.He also said that coming from the Mennonites is different because they are community oriented, i didn't say we are not Mennonite but at this point he can think what he wants. Terri and i both felt this was conformation that we did the right thing in leaving this church. I asked Jerry if he heard what John said and he didn't so i told him, this made for a good conversation.I told Jerry that Christianity is about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and living it out daily. I shared with John that i was saddened for the ladies here because i want to have a relationship with Christians and learn and grow in the Lord and having them be unresponsive to me was sad and they are missing out,God has so much more for them. Jerry was in the kitchen listening to most of our conversation. I know God is using all these circumstances to draw Jerry. He see's we are unchanging no matter if we have a church or not, seeing that their is a higher power that we look to for guidance and seeing those who are committed and those who are not. Please pray for him!!! I keep reminding myself that i told God i would go anywhere and go through hard times for Jerry's salvation. Instead of looking to the future, i look only for today and it really has made a big difference with getting depressed. Also being reminded by a friend that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THOSE THAT LOVE THE LORD, good or bad. I do miss the churches in NY and ME, You don't know what you have until you are on the outside looking in. May our Lord and Savior Bless you and keep you! In Christ, Holley

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good afternoon to everyone! It was a nice day today, 45 and partly sunny. Enjoyed Jeff's message today, very encouraging. Listening to Grace makes me miss everyone. Thank you Stoltzfus family for the picture, i love seeing you every time i go to the frig.Everyone is getting so grown up. Mary you can call me anytime, i would love to hear from you, and i know you dislike talking on the phone :-) I was thinking today that i need to start sending cards to people when i think of them. And lately i have been thinking of so many people. Surprising i don't have a lot to say, not a lot going on. God is still working on me which i am thankful for. Please remember Jerry in your prayers. God Bless your week! All my love, Holley