Thursday, March 29, 2012

Terri and i are taking on doing respite care for a couple at church who have a foster child that they have had since she was 2 years old and is now 4. As a baby she was left in her crib and had very little contact until her Grandparents took her. Her grandfather tried to drown her and they abused her. Her name is Katie. I have visited her home a couple of times and offered our help. Their is a lot of demonic things going on with Katie, she hallucinate, and tries to hurt herself. The parents from what i gather don't have any teaching on demonic spirits. They are in the process of adopting her. Terri and i will have to have a background check, which is no big deal. We went over to help Robin do some cleaning last night, well i cleaned and Terri played, Terri got quiet the work out. Her parents have been asking the welfare people for someone to give them relief and it was put off for a year, and believe me they need a break. On a bad day Katie will scream for up to 8 hours, it's hard for them. They are afraid to discipline her so their is no consequence for her actions. Please pray for us that we would have wisdom, please for for Katie that God would heal her. On Tuesday Jerry had a co-worker tell him that he liked the way his wife dresses. He then asked if it was for religious purposes. This man is a Christian, i had met him in Lowe's a few weeks ago. I just have to wonder what goes through Jerry's mind. I am really hoping that we would be invited to this mans house, he and his wife farm and can most of their food. He is a sweet man, i know Jerry likes him. I tell you he is going to get saved, one day that call will come with the news. Keep the prayers coming for one day they WILL be answered. My love to all, have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A good morning to all! I always want to update but can never come up with enough to write, but i'll give it my best shot. I am feeling better, found i have candida and am taking coq10 for my heart and has made things regular so far. I am loving this weather,I have my morning coffee on the porch, just love all the birds. At night we sleep with our window open and listen to the peepers. We have seem a bear with 2 cubs once, one lonely turkey looking for a mate and waiting for our deer to have fawns.This place is truly a blessing, we are praying that the landlord would sell to us. We found some green houses just up the road from us that have really nice plants at good prices. We bought tomato, cabbage and broccoli. Will go back in 2 weeks for the rest, we are planting a lot of stuff. My sister and her husband will be visiting here in a couple of weeks and Norm and Barb will be in Indiana working soon, they will be 9 hours from us so we will be spending time there. Barb and Trenton hopefully will be coming to visit us here for a week. My mom also wants to come for a visit. We have an old friend moving here from NY, he is in his 50's, his family lived beside our family when i was 12 years old and we were new to Bainbridge. They moved away but we always stayed in touch, His brother died then his mom and dad so he has only cousins and a few Aunts. He used to visit us when we lived in NY and spent a few holidays with us. He said he feels like we are family to him and decided to sell the family farm and move close to us. He lived in VA when he was young and always wanted to move back. We had our pastor and family over for lunch on Sunday, it went very well, Jerry likes them, even told me what to have to eat the next time they come. Shock, he usually backs out at the last minute so please keep praying, he is very open. I told him he would like his preaching, he didn't say anything.. which is good.They are very conservative, The men as well as the women wear long sleeves and the women don't wear sandals or flip flops. Hoping that won't be a problem, i love my flip flops. The ladies at church are coming around, i needed to fax something so i went to one ladies house who happens to be my age, and i stayed to visit and was very blessed. She opened her heart up to me and we found a connection. She too feels so grateful to the lord for what he has done for her. I have one more sister to go, to get her out of her shell. God is so good and i feel my heart overflow with thankfulness. Easter we will have communion at church, i asked the pastors wife if they do foot washing she said no but she has done it before. She said it might shock the people here to do it. I am so looking forward to the pastor moving closer, they are a sweet family. They will be moved up by June. WE also hope to get a week in Maine, we were going to go to MT but i'm afraid Jerry won't be able to get any extra time off to make the trip out, 2 1/2 days out and back won't give us any time to spend with them. Ha Ha, guess i found enough to write, i never did have a problem coming up with things to talk about. Oh, congrats to Joyce, Janet and Rhonda, on your pregnancies and Cathrine on your baby. Wish i was there! My love to all, may God meet all of your needs today! Holley

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello everyone! The weather here has been nice, we have gotten our deer fence up and we are ready to plant some garden this week. We figured we should be able to do 3 plantings of spinach and we plan on keeping our carrots in the ground for the winter. We are hoping the 4 foot fence will be enough to keep out the deer. We are very excited to be able to have a garden, the past 3 years we didn't plant much due to our house being up for sale. I do need to can in pints and try to sell some of my quarts.
I have been sick this last few weeks, i was in the emergency room a couple weeks ago with my heart doing funky things.Tests showed nothing but my white blood cell count was up. I have been so fatigued, just getting my breakfast would wipe me out.I also have other issues that they didn't address. Terri is now home so i have help. I am feeling better. I eat a lot of garlic and have cut out my sugar, seeing a doctor and praying he finds out whats going on. Also started COQ10. We are having our pastor over for dinner next Sunday, he was here to pick up a mattress and him and Jerry talked for an hour, Jerry really likes him and is looking forward to them coming. That's HUGE! We have settled in here quite well and looking forward to what the Lord has for us. He sure has been good to us. His will is all i want no matter what it is. He is my rock! Love to all! Holley