Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello everyone! The weather here has been nice, we have gotten our deer fence up and we are ready to plant some garden this week. We figured we should be able to do 3 plantings of spinach and we plan on keeping our carrots in the ground for the winter. We are hoping the 4 foot fence will be enough to keep out the deer. We are very excited to be able to have a garden, the past 3 years we didn't plant much due to our house being up for sale. I do need to can in pints and try to sell some of my quarts.
I have been sick this last few weeks, i was in the emergency room a couple weeks ago with my heart doing funky things.Tests showed nothing but my white blood cell count was up. I have been so fatigued, just getting my breakfast would wipe me out.I also have other issues that they didn't address. Terri is now home so i have help. I am feeling better. I eat a lot of garlic and have cut out my sugar, seeing a doctor and praying he finds out whats going on. Also started COQ10. We are having our pastor over for dinner next Sunday, he was here to pick up a mattress and him and Jerry talked for an hour, Jerry really likes him and is looking forward to them coming. That's HUGE! We have settled in here quite well and looking forward to what the Lord has for us. He sure has been good to us. His will is all i want no matter what it is. He is my rock! Love to all! Holley

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Its good to hear from you! I hope you continue to get better and Tt too. Susan