Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend with friends!!! :)

Thanks Susan and Barb for coming to visit me! I had a blast...You girls are great! :)Love you.

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liv4him said...

Great pictures of sweet girls! I'm so glad they were able to come and see you, Holley! Wish I could too! I miss you and long for the day we can sit and catch up on things. I can only imagine the Lord is teaching you beautiful things about trusting Him with all your heart and not leaning on your own understanding. I pray He is keeping you as you miss your ME & NY church families. That would be HARD! But I know God is faithful, and it makes me think of the Cherry's & Kauffman's so far away from their home church too (I know they have each other, though - did you know Kauffman's are coming home for furlough before long and that Daniel & Dora are going to Benin to be with Eric's for 6 months?). I wish I could catch you up on EVERYTHING! Life has been so incredibly full, including youth bible school we just had here.

I love you Holley!