Sunday, October 7, 2012

Had a very nice day, we finally went to the Amherst church. Betty Bylers niece was there, dating a young man from the church. We seen 2 young ladies that used to attend Grace many years ago, Julia and Suzy Coleman. They live in OH and were just visiting. It was neat listening to her and Terri talk about things they did when they were young. It also broke the ice, at least we knew people there. We sat next to Brenda.... not Shrock but she is a cousin to you ladies in Maine. Very sweet. Their is something about being with people that have the love of Jesus and seeing the preacher shed tears when he preaches. 3 sisters came to meet us but maybe when we visit once a month they will reach out more. Their is one young lady Terri's age who she wasn't there, Dianne Horner, her family attended Grace for a time some years back.I also rode to NY with her and his sister. Her sister sat and ate with us and gave us company at the fellowship meal today. Very nice girl.It took us 2 hours to get to Amherst, Jerry said it would be fine if we wanted to go once a month... well... yes.. I really loved the songs we sang, miss those tunes. I can't tell you how lost or out of place i feel with out a like minded church, i still feel God is using us here but i need a time of oneness with God's people. And the simplicity of the church. Well i will keep my focus upward and not outward and do and be what God wants me to be, weather or not i understand why i'm here in this place. Please continue to pray for us and specially Jerry. All my love, Holley

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