Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today Jerry was hired to haul sand in a tank truck. It is out of Front Royal VA, right where we want to be.It will be nights but he doesn't need to change over his license or hazmat. We do need to get a place in VA before Monday. He is still putting in for other jobs, their is so much work here. I feel so blessed, this condo that we are staying in is such a breath of fresh air, it is so nice. We can open the windows and run around barefoot. We were told not to go 2 miles down one road because their are gangs,and its a real bad place. People here are not friendly, our one neighbor will go inside when we come out,My Mr. social talks to her but she makes a few noises and goes in. I have had to pray about fear, this country girl just feels so uncomfortable in this city. It's amazing how i can stereo type colored people.I have been trying to pray for the ones who look..well.. evil. You drive 2.5 hours and your in VA and the whole attitude of people change, they speak and smile. I am amazed how God has just given me so much peace with this move, can't describe it, my roots go deep and my faith just gets stronger. It will be neat to see what he does next. I told Jerry i would go anywhere with him as long as i had a church there, well i have no church now but i have a Jesus that is with me who will never leave me nor forsake me.Praise his name! I shouldn't depend on people but on him, fully and completely. Please keep the Pinney family in your prayers, The soul of my dear husband as #1. My love, Holley.

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