Saturday, June 11, 2011

In need of prayer today. We are having trouble finding housing, we will have to stay in a housing complex and sign a lease for 1 year. Most want $300 non refundable for cat and $25-$40 application fee per adult, first months rent and security deposit. Jer also has to be working. If we stay here he will have to drive 2-3 hours one way to work. Not sure what to do. Also the job he wants you need to be 35 miles from them so that means a VA address. Very discouraging. I don't like the fact of being in the city in an apartment but i have no choice. Nice apartments start around $900, we are calling on one today for $789.00 a month, looks like a nice place, also hard is we don't know the area so we don't know which ones are in a safe neighborhood and we were told they can't tell us if it is. So i ask would you live there? Most times you can tell by price and looks. This just seems to get harder and harder. And as far as a church, we may have to go to a Baptist church. I'm not sure about driving here so i may not venture far without Jerry. Please pray God would show us what to do. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Oh Holley...
You are in my prayers today! God is so big and so wonderful! I know He still has a plan for you there.
Love you, Janet