Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jerry did not take the job for JB Hunt. We were told from a friend that her husband worked for them and the company promises all kinds of things like great pay, but your first check is far from what they promise. Tomorrow he meets with the man from Myerstown PA, the same job he was offered the end of May. We still don't want to move there but i have laid it before my Lord and submit it all. The money is so hard to pass up. I can't say if thats where we will settle or not, i kinda wish it was, then we could just be settled some place. Please keep praying, i just want God's will for us. My love to all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Holley!We were praying for you all again tonight at prayer meeting,and now I've been spending some time catching up on your blog.I wonder if you were able to contact Mark Brubaker. We will definitely keep praying for God's perfect will and timing in everything. May God's Word be a light to your feet and a lamp to your path!
I love you,dear sister! Rhonda