Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We left at 2:00 am Thanksgiving morning to go to NY to bring down a u-haul full of stuff and our car... finely. Jerry's mom gave us dressers, table, chairs and a hutch. She also gave us a patio set and much more. Jerry got some of his Grandfathers garage stuff. I was so blessed, many of the things we received we were going to buy at some point so it saved us a lot of money. We also helped her pack due to she sold her house and will be moving. We were also able to get our camper moved, Sam Byler took it to his house to store until we get a truck or sell it which ever comes first. For the first time as we were nearing Roanoke, i felt like we were coming home, i always miss NY and ME that i want to be somewhere else. Any one want to move to VA and start a church????? Just thought i'd ask. I think i would feel more at home here if we had a church, yes i do go to church, it's not the same as what i am used to. Jerry's mom also gave us a queen size bed so we gave our double to Terri. I am praying, very excited to see how God will work, about giving the single bed to someone who needs it. We will also give them sheets, mattress cover and a heated mattress pad. We are going to sell lots of things on Craigs list like the car and tread mill. We also forgot a mirror that goes to one of the dressers so we will have to make another trip to NY before Judy moves. I would like to go up on Jan.7 for my family get together. My love to all, Holley

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