Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just finished taking black walnuts out of their husks now to let them dry for 2 weeks. I am going to find a buyer for them. Jerry's co-worker said his sister sells them for around $17.00 a pound. I have 3 trees at the end of my driveway and my pastor has a neighbor that gives them away. Very messy and it stains anything the juice touches. I am still trying to find info on the husks for the tooth tincture. I found ones that were already black but when i hit it with a hammer it smashed the walnut inside, so i took green ones, smashed it and the walnuts were whole, I am drying the green husks in hope that they turn black for the tincture. Mom is coming within the next week,waiting on my sisters boyfriend to make up his mind on what day, Mom is all excited. I am hoping to help her lose a few pounds while she is here, since moving she has gained several pounds. Terri and i are walking everyday sometimes twice. No plans for the holiday weekend, Jerry will be working the weekend. Poor guy has been going to work around noon so he doesn't get home till mid morning. The Mill is behind and doesn't make the flour on time. He loves coming home, peace and quiet on this hill. Friday i am going to sit with Carols husband as she has to have surgery. She is paying me which is good. Missed church Sunday, Jerry had to work so i left a message with Carol to pick us up...Well she never got my message. The pastor and his wife came to the house after church with a few house warming gifts, so sweet. He gave me his notes from the sermen, i just hated missing it. He also was hoping to meet Jerry, said the 2 yankeys need to stick together, i hope Jerry will like him, he has a great sense of humor. Something i really miss is singing, the pastor chooses all the songs Sunday morning and i don't know most of them. I was thinking of trying to find a hymn book, i'll sound really funny singing by myself just because i can't carry a tune, probable scare away the animals... I am having my Mom bring me canning tomatoes down when she comes. They want $20 a half bushle here, i will get them for $8 in NY. Hoping to get some apples for sauce as well. Have a good night!

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