Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today Terri and I ripped up the carpet in our living room and much to our delight their was beautiful hardwood flooring under it. The landlord delivered the new carpet yesterday but now i would love to have throw rugs. If it was our own house i could, but i'm sure Jerry will want carpet. Just waiting for him to get home from work, he had a trip to Kentucky, thankfully it went smooth this week. Thinking of selling our car in NY, we might not get it up our driveway since it is so low to the ground, we can buy something here. Seen several turkey the other day, was very tempted to shoot one but i didn't. I need to see when hunting starts here so i can shoot legal. The days are very long with no vehicle, one can only due so much cleaning you know.. Talked to my Mom last night, she is not sure she wants to come visit, she will have a hard time going back home. I was tring to talk her into moving back to Bainbridge, that is home to her, of course she will still have to rent an apartment. All my love to all, Holley

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