Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please Please pray for the Cherry family that is from my NY church but are missionaries in Africa, they lost their 10 year old son to malaria,my heart is just grieving. You give up so much to serve in a foreign land and also lose a child, God is going to need to carry them.The more i learn about the south the more i don't like it. We now know their is yet another poison est spider along with chiggers. Boy i miss ME and NY, at least you could walk the woods without having to worry about deadly things. Last night we had a 4.9 tremor, It woke Terri but Jer and i slept right through. They said we could have more in the next few days. I have to admit it was very scary to have everything shake violently. Terri and i were on our porch, i thought the glass in my front door was going to break. I am so excited, i bought a mattress and box spring from sears online and got a very good deal, i paid $130.00 for one and $140 for the other, cheap but what did i expect, i asked God for it. Today i bought a frame for $25.00 at good will, it was like new, a new one was going to cost $80.00. I love good will! I have no curtain rods so i found 2 today for $1 a piece.Tomorrow Terri and i are taking Jerry to work so we can use the truck, I hate driving but you got to do it. We need to go to a doctor to establish then try to find a dollar store and meat market, should be a nice day just the two of us. We do plan on coming to the wedding in October just need to get some details worked out so please pray God would work it out for us, Thanks

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