Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello to all, we finely have internet. We are doing well. Finding a church close has been a challenge, Amherst is about 2-2 1/2 hours away so we will visit once a month when we are able to have our car here. Mean while we are going to a Westley church which is Methodist. The preaching is very good and the people are nice. The women wear modest apparel and their hair is always in a bun. The first day we went an older lady named Carol was teaching Sunday school, so we only go to church. Carols husband started the church in 2000 but ended up having a few strokes so from what the pastors wife tells me, Carol has taken over for her husband and has been trying to keep the church going. I let the pastors wife know where i stand on women teaching in the church, she seemed to understand. That has made me really examine what i believe and whats important in a church, i feel the Lord has me here for some reason and i do pray and know he will not let me believe anything but his truth. Their are only 12 adults that attend.Last week we helped with VBS which was fun, Carol picked us up and the pastors wife brought us home. Carol is in her late 60's and has 2 married sons, one has an 17 year old daughter, that live in walking distance to her and seem to not give her much help with her sick husband SOOOO i felt the need to offer my help and she was very pleased for it. Carol has been such a big help, she is taking Terri and i to a few Good Will stores at the end of the week. The Pastors are John and Michele, thought you would like that Michele! Michele took us to a bulk food store last week, she is a blast so so sweet. I got to ask her a lot of questions about what they believe, i think they are being careful not to step on Carols toes. There is also a Menonite Church 30 minutes away but Terri and i both felt this is where we should be. God could have moved us closer to Amherst, he makes no mistakes so i feel he is using us here. I have a peace that he is going to do great things here. It still doesn't feel like "home". Maybe when we buy a house it will, or maybe it's not supposed to. I spend a lot of time praying and am so thankful, God is so awesome and i am thankful for the trials and for my salvation. I miss my NY and ME friends so very much, you all have a piece of my heart forever. But i am looking forward to see what work God has for me here. Jerry's job is going good, they need more drivers so he puts in long hours and works 6 days a week, he does like the job and everyone there is nice. I will get on later to post some pics.

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