Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday was good, the preaching is great, when i say great i mean it makes you look within yourself and examine where you are as compared to where you were. Am i closer to Jesus or have i made little choices that have slowly taken me farther away from where he wants me. I am very encouraged with the pastor. The second time i went to church i told him he needed to take the clock off the wall and just preach the whole message. Well Sunday he preached to 12:30 and around 12 says someone once told him to preach longer, well i could have climbed under the pew. He said after church, i hope i didn't embarressed you to much,but i did take your advice. I told him the people here may not want me here, 2 families were gone less than 5 minutes after church. I told the pastor i look forward to Church and getting fed, if the people can't stand an extra 1/2 hour of preaching something is wrong in their hearts. The younger women are not very friendly, they don't seem to like outsiders. And here comes Holley! Love it! If you don't have joy that infects others, you may want to examine yourself. I love my savior and i love to serve him, the Christian life is awesome! My Love to all my dear sweet friends!

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