Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today was the first time i drove just Terri and i across town, did good. Took Jerry to work at 5:30 this morning then back home, then off to the doctors at 9:00. After that we hit Bojangles, oh so yummy, not healthy just yummy.The biscuits are really really good. It's a fried chicken & biscuit place. Found our first Christian store,then off to the Dollar Store and food store. My friend Carol had surgery last week so i stopped in for a visit with some flowers, had a nice visit. Stopped to visit another lady from church, she was having a bad day on Sunday so i thought i would encourage her today. She wasn't home. Her and her husband used to live in upstate NY, they have a now 3 year old girl as a foster child, they have had her a year, she was abused very badly and is a challenge. Can't wait to get my car, so many people to encourage. The rain has stopped today, maybe a little this afternoon. Mom is not coming as of today, every time i deal with my family their is so much drama. Wedding? Not sure at this point, i will wait to see what happens next week before i call it quits. I wanted to also buy my tomatoes and apples in NY as they are much cheaper. God is still good and on the thrown! God bless you all and stay safe my NY friends!

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