Sunday, September 11, 2011

Had a hour conversation with my pastor, i wanted to know about going to Sunday school when i believe that women should not teach men. He had a lot to say, one thing that he said is their is another scripture that pretty much says women can teach just not preach, just a little confusing. He said he would do a study on it. Please pray for me, my heart misses being with like minded people. He was nice about everything just came away a little fearful of not being strong and laying down convictions, thats not my heart or prayer. I told him i will not go back on what God has shown me and he encouraged me not to. Please also pray for Jerry, he is thinking about selling our truck to buy an older truck and a car that is good on gas. It would be a good thing and we also are going to try to sell our camper. This would help us financially and i could go to NY and ME on a little money. Thanks!

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