Friday, September 23, 2011

It has been a challenge having my Mom here, their are things i see in her life that need to be addressed before taking her home, please pray for me. It has been so real to me that we need to walk so close to our Savior, the devil wants to draw us away from him, and uses anything to accomplish it. Do we put Jesus first in everything, do we pray before making decisions? To see someone who professes to be a christian watch tv programs that make jokes of sin and not hunger for truth,sad very sad. I have been so burdened this week, not understanding how a christian can live this life so careless. My biggest fear is i will get to heaven and Jesus will say i never knew you.
Went to prayer meeting for the first time last night, was good to get that mid week pick me up, the pastor talked to me about the reserch he did on women being teachers in the church,i got the feeling he has really been thinking hard on the issue. He said he wasn't trying to change my mind and i said oh don't worry i am strong on what i believe and am not perswaded easily. How someone can read, Women are not to teach or assurp authority over a man and come up with something different is beyond me. He said he likes us coming and thanked me for coming. I also thanked him for allowing us to come and keep our convictions. I can see i am giving him a challenge, a good thing.I pray God will use me for his glory here. I want my life to Glorify my Savior!

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