Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry i haven't written in a while but it seems everything is always unsettled. I cringe to even give an update. The job in PA finely called back after 4 days, by then we had to move on for a job, not being able to find housing there was also a problem. As of yesterday Jerry took a job in Roanoke VA. We looked for housing before looking for work and found plenty. We go Monday for his drug test and physical and as soon as the drug test comes back and we find housing he can start work. It would be hauling tanker loaded with flour, yes flour.. for baking and it doesn't blow up. It is days, jerry will have his own truck and will have 2 loads a day and can start any time he wants as long as the deliveries are done at the end of that day. Pay is very well and he can work 6 days or 5 and their is always extra to do to make more money. He was very pleased with the boss and other drivers, they were very nice, the boss came out to the truck to meet me and is also looking for housing for us. He told us what areas to stay away from and what areas are good, that really helped as we have no clue about any of that. We are calling to set up appointments to look at several places on Monday. We had answered prayer this morning, We thought we were going to have to go to NY so Jerry could see his doctor for his swelling medication, the nurse told him the last time he got a refill on his pills that he would have to see the doctor before he would write another prescription. He called and the doctor was out of town so the secretary had another doctor write the prescription. Jerry's mom will pick it up and get it filled for him, so so thankful. We have been looking for churches in VA and found a Brethren church so we shall see what it is. Jerry's sister called a few days ago and said she would not charge us anything for staying here, not even electric, if we would paint the living room and stain the back deck, that was also answered prayer. It cost under 50.00 to do the inside paint and the stain is in the basement already. So we painted on Wednesday and will do the deck on Saturday, feels good to have something to do. Feeling a lot less anxious but i know we have a ways to go before we are settled some where. I am trusting my savior to bring us a home. Please pray also for that and that we would find a church. Jerry is very concerned for us finding a church, he feels bad. Terri and i have enough faith and our roots are deep so we feel we can get along with a body as long as the truth is preached. I do miss you all and pray you are all well. Love in Christ, Holley

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