Sunday, July 17, 2011

Will have internet on Wednesday, for now it's the parking lot of Panera Bread. All is well.

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liv4him said...

Hello Holley,

I know my comments are few & far between but they do NOT reflect my thoughts toward you nor my prayers on your behalf! Even though I haven't been able to be on your blog for a while it IS rather exciting to just see a few weeks all nicely summarized and come to the end of it all and see how the Lord has worked!!! VA is SOOOO beautiful, and I just have to believe that even though you have had to leave dear people behind and have been through so much that the Lord has a purpose and a plan. Our situation is not the same but in our journey I am learning (and hopefully will continue to do so) the same lessons of TRUST. Our Father is perfect and will PERFECT that which concerneth us, he says! He knows all about it! Isn't that HOPEFUL!!!!! I love you SO much Holley and even though I'd wish you back here in a second I also know that the Lord has a beautiful blueprint for each one of us, and that we'll have all of eternity together to praise our Saviour together! I'm so thrilled the Lord has given you at least some of your heart's desire, in finding Jerry a job and finding you a sweet home. While I'm on here I just have to tell you how much I'm coming to know & love Mr. & Mrs. Fogarty. They are SO dear! We always talk & laugh together (of course, mostly John, but Jayne has her own way of communicating), and they are so nice!

I miss you TONS, Holley, and love you EVEN MORE!!!

Michèle ♥