Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our days seem to pass rather quickly, we are ready for bed by 7. I hate to see how we will feel when we get cleaning jobs. I am feeling amazingly good, i am so thankful to the Lord for being able to catch the Lyme early. Terri and i have been walking since last week every morning and i am feeling good. We are still waiting for our pool man to get our pool cleaned up, he should be here today and i will need to speak with him about it. I had to call him last Friday to see if he was coming to vacumme the pool. He is from a local Mennonite church. It is really hot here, but it does seem to rain almost everyday, although it doesn't cool it off any. Sunday we had church at a park, for fathers day, late fathers day. It was very warm even being in the shade. The lady's here put on quite the spread, they did chicken and beef on the grill, pies, home made ice cream, rice and beans and all the fixings for tortia wraps. So far it doesn't feel like i am going to be close friends with anyone, they all kinda seem like they have their own thing going on, maybe i will be to busy to even try to get close. So any how, i guess that's how it goes sometimes. Well we are off to Barb's to visit, have a wonderful day!

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