Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good morning! Norm, Barb and Trent left this morning headed to Florida. God opened a door for a job working for Choice Books which is a Christian company.I am very excited for them. My mom is going into an assisted living place because she is not ready to leave the rehab but needs to. I will be going to NY to help her transition and to start packing her apartment this weekend. I talked with her this morning and she said she wouldn't have to be in this place if i would just come take care of her. I do hope God would change Jerry's heart so i could, but i guess if it was God's will it would happen. We have had some good conversations this last 2 weeks. I made the statement that their is no perfect church and Jerry says people should't be looking for the perfect church but the imperfect church in order to be a testimony. He says like Terri and i. He says no church is perfect. God is at work. So exciting to see as i pray for godly wisdom for Jerry he comes up with spiritual things and has no idea where he learned it. I love it! Thursday night i stood at prayer meeting just burdened about Christians not being hot after God after once being hot. I know i am dry at times but God always brings me back. Well one of the men thought on this all week and as our pastor was away on Sunday he spoke on the subject. One thing that stuck out to me was he said we should examine ourselves before God. And the things of this life take us away from God. What things do we allow that desensitize us. Where i'm going here is movies. Hey i love a good clean movie just like the next guy but do we little by little watch some that oh have a little bad language or sin is made to be funny or just excepted? I know to many Christians that except this and it scares me to how it desensitizes them and their children to where they watch things that are contrary to Christ. Where is it leading? To Christ? The devil is out as a roaring lion wanting to devour US. When does spiritual blindness set in. You all know i have a tv and i would love nothing more than to smash it, but because of my husband i can't. That thing can draw me in all to quick, and it's pure garbage. Im sure we all know at least one Christian who is into things that have or is drawing them away from God. Warn them, Please!I am so burdened, I feel God separating the sheep from the goats and it scares me. God is doing a work in me in many areas and it is hard for me because i feel like i'm becoming a fanatic and i just want to start shaking people to wake up! Not saying a fanatic is bad, but people do tend to look at you funny. I weep for Jerry and my family. I want to hear at the end, well done my good and faithful servant. I need to have grace for others it's not that i judge people it's more of an urgency to get right and be on your guard lest you fall. I want to be a cheer leader cheering each one on in this race. Then i get tested, the one lady that i have become friends with here,Cheryl, tells me yesterday that she was married before. WOW. I told her i don't believe in divorce and remarriage but i also don't judge her and never will. This is such a hard subject that i avoid it at all cost but the Lord keeps bringing it around for some reason. I love that lady and enjoy our spiritual talks. Is she clear before God? She says she is, who am i to say different. I sit here giggling to myself as i reread what i wrote, i'm beginning to feel sorry for those who read this. I love each one of you and long for the day when i can sit and visit each one, you are all so unique yet we have that beautiful oneness in Christ. God has blessed me so richly with so many awesome Christian friends. Please feel free to email me with insight to things i have written or to tell me what God is doing in each of your hearts. Thanks Janet! I can't wait to see all the new babies when they come. God bless your day!

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