Sunday, June 24, 2012

Living here is such a delight. I love love love nature! Last night we sat on the porch and first heard a fox barking just inside the wood line next an owl hooting then a fight broke out between i believe a couple of coons. We have seen one set of twin fawns and two separate fawns.The birds here are amazing, they sing from sunup to sunset. Had to save a baby bunny from my cat, it was hurt to badly so it died, cat was pretty upset with me. I am just so blessed! We have been babysitting little Katie and will have her twice this week. She is a sweet girl. We cleaned our first house last week and it may turn into twice a month. We are praying for another car so Terri could get a few more cleaning jobs. Preaching at church has been very good, the pastor has been speaking on Godly homes and men being the spiritual leaders in it. He is getting much bolder and speaking what is on his heart. Two of the men still sleep through the sermen. We have no church this next Sunday due to camp meetings in PA so Terri and i decided to visit a Mennonite church close by. Esther King knows a young lady who is now married that goes there. Our garden is doing great! We have ate radishes, cabbage, scallions and a few very small tomatoes. We will be canning beans in a few weeks, we have 4 rows, thought we would can enough for 2 years. I found a German Baptist home where we bought raw honey for 12.00 a quart and just down the road their is a small veg stand and they have a field of tomato plants so we will see if i can buy their seconds at a reasonable price for canning. Lots and lots of blackberry's and raspberry's here. Last year we were picking the raspberry's first around the middle of July but this year the blackberry's came on first. Our apple tree has red apples already and are dropping to the ground already, strange. Jerry has been very grumpy the last few weeks,hoping it is conviction, but it sure does try oneself. Keeping my eyes on the Lord, he is my strength and shield! Got quite the chuckle this morning, the Pastor went out to his vehicle and came back in and said to me, your car is running. I jumped up and sure enough I had forgotten to shut it off. When it runs off the battery you can't hear it running and if you don't take the keys out of the vehicle it continues to run. Yup that was about the 4th time this has happened. He only heard it because the fan kicked on. I do hope your summer is going well. I sure do miss my dear friends in NY and ME. My Love to all. Holley

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