Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thanks to all of you that are praying for Jerry. It has been a really hard month, Jerry has been miserable, Terri and i can't seem to do anything right. He seems to be so angry to everyone then the next day sweet. He has made comments about my submission, and seems to challenge me on it as if to see how far he can take it. Sometimes i don't respond like i should. He has been drinking more and can't seem to go without it. He is still not smoking but has nicotine pouches he puts in his mouth, and puts one in the minute he gets out of bed till the time he goes to bed. We have had talks about churches not accepting people, he says like the old days, anyone could walk through the door and be welcomed. I do know he is under conviction. Today we sold our camper, we put it online last week and got a call last night. It happened to be a home school couple that have 4 children ages 13-22. She told me since moving to VA 3 years ago they have no friends. She is a christian, dresses modestly and has a daughter that covers and makes all of her clothing. They have home church but are now attending a Baptist church where the people are not friendly. She said she is lonely. My heart just went out to her because i am in the same situation. She also feels God has their family there for a reason. This past week i found out that the 2 brothers that attend my church don't get along and their wives don't either. Wow what a challenge to love. Not sure why God brought this family in our life but time will tell. We also had high winds last night and had a family from church sleep in our camper and they have been here most of the day. Looks like it will be several days before their power is on. We may get more storms the next couple of days. Keep Praying and God Bless!

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