Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yesterday was a good day, Jerry was back to his loving and cheerful self. I were so very thankful, the Lord knew we could not take much more. I'm thankful for the break but pray for more conviction. I would rather have it hard and know what it will produce than have it easy. Sunday we went to a new church, a holiness church. Our pastor and 2 other families are at camp meetings in PA. The people there were very friendly, and the preaching was good. I can't get used to Christians being patriotic. They said the pledge of allegiance, of course i did not. Our church recently put up an american flag and a Christian flag. I believe my allegiance is to Christ. Reading the word this morning i get a burden for Christians. The word is clear on not seeking the things of this world and if he does so, there is a great deal to prevent him from remaining unspotted and without wrinkle. I see so many Christians not taking scripture as truth and walking in it. Oh how i want to be unspotted from this wicked world, and live a life filled with Christ. Sunday i just longed for a life of being surounded by Christian friends and being able to have people over and do things with other Christians, i mean Jerry and I. I pray God will give us several years to live as a Christian couple, i long for that day. I love Christian conversation, to just sit and learn and discuss the word of God. Some times i get so hungry i almost can't take it. Please pray for a very dear friend of mine who is battling breast cancer. Her name is Donna, she came from the same Baptist church i did and came to Grace Christian fellowship in Bainbridge shortly after i did. Please keep praying, love and miss you all so very much!

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liv4him said...

I just sent you an email, Holley, but I wanted to try and comment to see if I could do it. I always enjoy reading your blog! There are people out here that LOVE YOU!!!