Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ever look at the life of a woman and think, i want to be like her some day? Well i have 2 that i would like to be like, they both respond in such a Christ like attitude. In my last writings i spoke of my brother. Well the last 2 weeks he has decided not to listen to our land lord, he was told not to be coming up on our property that we rent. He has been riding his golf cart up and riding around the field. One day i boiled, we love the peace and quiet here and for him to just disregard our wishes and the land lords request just made me mad. My husband said, just let him go and when he comes up just go in the house. Because of my attitude... Jerry decided to make sharp sticks to place in the ground so when he drives over them it will pop a tire.. or two. I was smitten. I then repented and asked God to convict Jerry. That night he put the sticks in place, the next morning i got up a little later than Jer, he told me he went out and picked up the sticks. He said we can't stoop down to their level, makes us no better than them. God is so good! Oh to be like thee! I was thinking about an incident at a sisters meeting some years ago when a sister came against Martha Cherry. Martha was so incredible sweet and replied in such a Godly spirit, that amazed me. This morning I again asked my Jesus to change my heart, their is something in it that needs to come out and be disposed of. Please pray for me, i want to be like Martha and the 2 other sisters that when someone comes against me that my response is Christ like. This will be an on going thing with my brother so please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!

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