Sunday, July 29, 2012

This week has been one of those weeks that my heart is so longing for Christian Heart to heart friendship. I am so unbelievable lonely i can't get through the day without sobbing. I know God has a purpose in all this but i can't see clearly. Last Monday i went to see the land lord about my brother still coming up with his golf cart, Jerry has been stressed coming home from Florida and seeing his tracks in our driveway and talked about beating my brother up. I've been waiting for Jerry to swell from the stress. The land lord was sweet and did put a stop to my brother but boy it has caused me deep pain in my heart. Today while at church Jerry was in the basement and heard our water pump keep coming on when no one was using water. So he shut the pump off for an hour and a half to see if the land lord would come due to the tenants at the bottom of the driveway having no water. Yup,he came, and just as Jerry thought we have been paying for the other tenants water pump, the land lord was really embarrassed that we caught this, so we will be repaid. I really thought he was an honest man. He is putting in a new well for the other apartments and a new driveway for us within the month, he also said he is planning on selling the house we are in to us this next summer. We are not going to buy it as we want to move back to Maine at some point, Lord willing. I am just ready to be home where ever that is. I am getting to old for all this moving. Please please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you, all my love, Holley

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