Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today another driver came to Jerry and told him my brother stood up in a meeting with about 9 people present and announced him and his wife are ministers. His wife is full time because she has more time and my brother was part time.They don't even go to church and their is no fruit and lots of anger in them both. I question if they are even saved. We were floored, my brother wont speak to us because we heard someone out back of our house a few weeks ago shooting a gun and bullets ricocheted off our house and when him and his wife came out Jerry was holding his gun ready to shoot. Jerry was so angry, afraid for his family, that he had words with my brother, now we drive past them and they won't even look at us. I emailed my sister in law to let her know i am not mad at them and she said it was between my brother and us yet she wont speak to us. Jerry asked the other driver if he knew the bible and said that he (Jerry) didn't but what his wife has told him (me) that women are not to be preachers, and that my brother doesn't go to church. WOW! I can not believe how people can be totally blind, it's no wonder why people don't want anything to do with Christians or Christ. This has just broke my heart, for someone to misrepresent my Jesus and to know that they will go to hell unless they repent. And my brother thinks i'm wrong for being under my unsaved husbands authority. May God have mercy! May each one of us "Christians" walk that road that will be an example of Christ to this hurting and confused world. We will be leaving on July 19th for Norm and Barb's for 3 days. I can not wait! Trenton is growing so fast,he is now singing and say's every word that you say. I talked to him last week and he would not say Grandma... just Grandpa... Jerry said that's because he had long talks on their walks when he was here. Our garden is doing very well, i will have plenty of beans to can and squash to give away. Plenty of potatoes and cucumbers. We have 10 quarts of blackberries frozen and will enjoy blackberry dumplings for desert tonight. God has been so good to us! The weather has cooled, today is 75 but will be back in the 90's by next week. I have to say, i love the heat. Enjoy the day! My Love, Holley

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