Monday, May 7, 2012

My weekend was awesome! I met new friends, sisters that had recently left the Amish, and seen old friends. Michele Gregory made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt, had sweet prayer with dear Betty Byler and Michele. The teaching was life changing. I wept this morning with such a burden for God's people,i have such a desire to be Christ like that He would shine through me. The cry in my heart for God's people to wake up and get on that narrow road. I see youth wearing makeup and cloths getting tight. What is going on that Christian parents are allowing this and what is going on in the homes that our youth are being drawn to outward adorning? This is where i and many others have come out of and we know the dangers. In my church here the fathers don't take leadership, i mean Godly leadership of the family. They have taken on things handed down from parents that yes are right but they have no clue why they believe what they do. With the exception of my pastor the men here don't have family devotions and don't pray with their wife. How can one walk through life not knowing why they do what they do. I want scripture to back up what i stand for, other wise it's meaningless. I think God is grieved by the lives of his children. I think we open the door to the devil when we allow our children to go where the world goes and do what they do. Please don't think i at all think i have it all together because i don't, i do praise God for giving me a heart after him and the desire to live for him. He calls us to be holy as he is holy. This week end Sam Byler spoke on so many denominations yet they can't worship together. He said the love of Jesus should unite us! That has been so real to me here, I go to a Methodist church. If you told me 5 years ago i would be going here i would have said your crazy. Are they not brothers and sisters in Christ? It's real to me how large the church is and to turn our noses up at other Christians because they don't have the same convictions as us is sin. I am accountable for Holley Pinney and when i stand before the Lord i will not have my pastor or any other Christian there. So for me to not fellowship with someone because they are in a different place than me is wrong. I am so full this day. My unsaved husband has seen this many years ago and told me we are not meant to be cookie cutter Christian. It's CHRIST! Everything we do needs to be for him and not man and i feel very strong on this. I am so excited to be home and pour myself into God's church. Please pray for me, sometimes i can be so passionate about something and just give it to you, i want Christ to give it to you not Holley. Please pray for our little church here that men would rise up and take their place, that sinners would be drawn to Christ through us. I have so much more on my heart today but i think i probable said enough, if i stepped on anyone's toes.. Good! I want to encourage all who read this to a deeper commitment to Christ! May you be drawn to a deeper walk with our Savior. Love to all in Christ, Holley

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