Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good morning! Had a Very special visit from the Pratt family, oh how i just love that family! Cried when they left this morning. It was such a sweet time of fellowship, Tom, Melanie and i talked most of the morning on Wednesday and Melanie and i talked the rest of the day. My heart would just love to be part of the Maine fellowship again. I so miss being one in mind and heart with God's people. I have never had company back in NY and since being here we have had 2 groups and i have to say i have enjoyed cleaning and cooking and all the preparations that go with it. I was always a little well scared of hospitality and with Jerry not wanting company i was only able to have it a few times. So this was wonderful. Thank you Tom and Melanie for taking time from your vacation to come spend time with us, you have truly blessed us. Terri and i are all stirred up to some how get a cheap car so we can get many cleaning jobs so we can try to make it back to Maine. Their is so much opportunity here for cleaning, we wouldn't have to go off our mountain. Thanksgiving was good,i miss family on the holidays. Hoping to go to Barb's for Christmas. Well busy day ahead so have a great day! In Christ, Holley

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