Saturday, December 29, 2012

Greetings to all. We had a nice Christmas, Barb and family came Saturday morning and left Christmas night. The boys are such a joy, we really enjoyed them. Jerry spent a lot of time holding Preston. We got an ice storm Thursday night and lost power around midnight,Jerry had to go to work so we had no heat all day. We had to go buy a kerosene heater that night and got electric around 7 that night. More freezing rain and a little snow over night. Today is 35 so some of the ice on the trees and power lines have melted but the wind has picked up and will blow through Monday. I'm prepared this time if the power goes out, we have water in buckets and drinking water put up just in case. The locals say they get a lot of ice here on the hill and every winter the power goes out. The past month has been really hard, miss home so badly, we haven't been to church in a few weeks, don't want to go. Not going tomorrow, Terri and i have been sick since Christmas, Terri has had a fever, sore throat and sinus headache. Me just a sinus headache and slight sore throat. Eating garlic and lots of vit.c. Hoping to spend a week in NY sometime in January, weather permitting. Barb gave me a book called Bringing out the best in your husband By H. Norman Wright. Very very good,it has shown me that i have gotten bitter at Jerry at times for taking me away from NY and have not been very encouraging to him of late. Yes repent again.I get so into how i feel that i forget that Jerry is also feeling pretty bad, He knows we are having a hard time here with no friends and no church. People in the church have a life and it doesn't include outsiders. Instead of keep trying i have just given up. And without saying a word my husband knows it. So if i can get back to encouraging him and building him up that is what i will focus on. I don't like to be negative so i won't be writing for a while. I do hope you all are doing well. God Bless.

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