Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hope this day finds everyone on the mends from all the sickness. We have been blessed thus far with only sinus trouble, although one of the 4 year old came up to Terri after church and informed her that she was sick and last night she through up. Sooo we may be sick tomorrow. We have been enjoying the warm weather, yesterday Jerry and i watched the sun come up enjoying our morning coffee on the porch. I went out after dark to sit and i could hear the dear coming through the woods then listen to them eating grass and coming closer for their sweet potato, we ran out of apples and had a few potato's left over.Slept with my window open last night, i just love the fresh air. It was 72 degrees yesterday and right now it's 66 at 12:50.I got a lot of work done yesterday, I took down the poles and fencing around our garden, the last wind storm had mangles it and bent the poles some in half. I also had Jerry pull up some raspberry bushes to take when we leave at some point, planted them in my flower bed so they would keep, cleaned out the inside of the car, took a long walk around the field and down the driveway with Terri and just sitting on the porch in the sunshine. When it's time to leave hear i am going to miss this place. Today i was compelled to reach out one last time to the sisters close to my age. I asked them to come down stairs for a minute and i shared my heart. I told them that i am so home sick and i need friends, i said it's silly that we live so close but don't visit, so i asked if they would be interested in doing a book study once a week. One said nothing and gave no face expression and the other said once a week would be to hard with their children, who i might add are outside playing most of the day or at Grandma's. They kept looking at each other. They said they used to get together once a month but stopped, I told them we have different personalities but we are all women and we need to encourage one another. The 2 of them are married to brothers and the one i am already friends with and she seems to be closed to learning, i have tried to encourage her to read some good child training books and she shot down the idea, and being a submissive wife well that was no interest to her. She feels her husband won't lead so she has to. Yeah, not good. I decided if they turn me down that i am done trying to reach out. Never in my Christian life have i ever met people like this. They have no close friends yet they don't want any. I pray for the pastor, he has his work cut out. Today we took Jerry to work at 3am so we could do something today, besides i hate having to have Carol pick us up for church. So we are off to go to a bird look out and maybe just a drive. God Bless your Sunday, be thankful for your church and brothers and sisters in Christ!

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