Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yesterday we celebrated Jerry's 50th birthday and tomorrow we celebrate our 26 wedding anniversary. I am so very thankful the Lord preserved our marriage, it is a constant day to day building, of putting my spouse first and loving beyond my own human thinking. Oh and did i mention forgiveness. The man i married is an amazing man, most of the time he's smiling, and when he knows i am having a down day he puts forth an effort to cheer me up. I look to him for guidance as i pray for God to give him wisdom. I have been unsure of what to do about church, i prayed that God would show me if it's my flesh not wanting to attend and what his will in the matter is. I asked Jerry today what we should do and he said we are better off listening to Grace on line. For now this is what we will do. My heart breaks for Carol, she has been a true christian friend and fills in for the whole church. She wants this church to grow but i'm not sure anyone else does. For the pastor to let the men sleep during church and a teenager to play on her cell phone is discouraging to say the least. We have been here 2 years in July and nothing has changed. We could go to Amherst but once a week is not going to bring close friendships, and to try other churches does not interest us. Please pray, Jerry has us listen at the kitchen table and he can also hear the message. May he be convicted, the word of God is powerful and does not return void. Terri and i also have deleted our facebook. It has been frigid here,like the whole east coast. We are suppose to be near 60 by Wednesday. We have been very thankful for our kerosene heater. We are getting 2-4 inches of snow and possible ice on Friday afternoon, thankfully Jerry has a short day that day and Saturday off. I'm loving this, feels like back home. God Bless your day! My love, Holley

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